Radiator Hose Mishap resulting in engine failure

hogback4hogback4 Member Posts: 1
My 2008 Civic Hybrid recently had engine failure while driving on interstate. AAA found a detached upper radiator hose and antifreeze all over engine. The radiator was essentially dry, the car overheated and the rest of the story you know. The Hybrid has a toggle switch - one for temperature/one for MPG display. I had it set in the latter position so was unaware of any problem until engine coughed, sputtered and failed, with extensive non-repairable damage to most components. Car has 118K miles; i had a Honda Care warranty good til 120K. Honda Care refuses to cover costs, claiming they don't cover "hoses." They place responsibility fully on me for not monitoring the hoses or the temperature, and driving many miles without a fully operating cooling system. i have maintained the car according to dealer schedule at the dealer i bought it from for the life of the car. so the questions are:

what could cause the hose to fall off and be left dangling? (the hose and clip were intact)
how could the car have traveled so long (long enough to drain radiator) without any indication to driver?
could there have been underlying engine problems causing that particular hose to blow off?
finally, is Honda Care a waste of money if they'll refuse to cover catastrophic damage in a car their dealers maintain? seems so to me, would love to hear other's experiences.
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