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2006 CTS Electrical problems

guest53guest53 Posts: 1
Hi there, I am very frustrated with my 2006 CTS. We bought it about 3 years ago used. It had already had the engine replaced. About a year and a half after we had it, we had to replace the engine again. Recently my battery was starting to fail, so we bought an after-market battery and had it installed. After a few days, the car would not start, no sound, nothing, radio, windows etc were all working. I took it into the garage we always use, they said it was a fuse and replaced it. The next day after driving home from work about 88km, I parked it for a few minutes, went to start it and nothing. Long story short it has been back to the garage 3 times and to the dealer twice. They have replace fuses, which blow after the car gets hot, replaced 2 after market ignition switches, 1 gm ignition switch. I have to take it in again tomorrow as the fuses continue to blow. Both the dealer and the garage say they have checked the wires. Can anybody help, could it be the battery? the starter, I just don't want to start replacing things randonly. Please help!
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