Ford Edge Heat/AC Problems

yardleyyardley Member Posts: 1
I own a 2008 Ford Edge SE, lately it seems the air has been very temperamental. When I start the car the air may or may not kick on. When it doesn't I try to flip through all the settings but usually to no avail. Though sometimes I may leave the air "on" and while driving for awhile it kicks on, but this is not every time. When I do go through the different settings, floor, defroster, etc, I can hear clicking as if the signal is going through. Some other things I notice, if the heat/AC is on it runs finds, though if I turn it off it might not kick back on. Any help is much appreciated.



  • allyozallyoz Member Posts: 1
    This is the second summer that I have my 2008 for edge and there has always been a poor air flow. I just read in the forum that others went in behind the glove box and took the air cabin filter out, vacuumed it out and that worked for them. I just followed they're instructions, super easy by the way, took the filter out and vacuumed it and put it all back together. The ac blows like new now. The cabin filter was extremely dirty. It was a quick fix, about 10 min, with great results. Now I love my edge even more than before!!!!
  • sherwolfesherwolfe Member Posts: 1
    Recently my 2007 Ford Edge started blowing cool air from the drivers side and warm air from the passengers side. If you max the controls it still blows barely warm on drivers side and very hot air on passengers side. Edge was recalled a couple of years ago for heater core and special coolant added. Worked great until recently. Is this a heater core issue again? Confused because before it would not heat properly in both vents.
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    If it was the heater core you wouldn't get any heat from either side. This sounds like the control unit but I don't remember the exact part name. I've seen it a lot on other Fords so a google search should give you a good clue.
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