2004 2004 S60 Bixenon Headlights - European

fhboyfhboy Member Posts: 1
I bought a 2004 Volvo S60 in Mexico built in Belgium. My question has to do with the proper operation of the headlights. Behind the bulbs there is a reflector that moves when you turn on the lights. On "low beam" position, the reflector stays in what I will call the "down" position. When I click on the high beams, the reflector moves to raise the reflection of the bulbs higher, but then moves back to the "down position" and a small headlamp next to it goes on.

I do not think this is the correct way for it to operate as the beam does not go further in the high beam position. My dealer tells me that it is acting correctly, but I do not think I agree with that.

Can someone tell me if they are familiar with this model headlamp and if I, or the dealer, is correct. If I am correct, what do I suggest that the dealer do to correct this?

Thank you
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