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Ford 2001 F-350 Lariat

aehaehaehaeh Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Ford
I have ordered a 2001 f-350 4X4 Lariat 1-4-2001
with the captains chairs will they come with the
shoulder strap mounted to the seats or the roof
something about late availability does anybody know ? thanks


  • and congratulations on your purchase.

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  • I think that the new designed seats have the belts integrated onto the top of the seats. I ordered my F350 a couple of weeks ago and am awaiting its arrival also. Good luck !!!
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    The super cab has them coming from the seat and the crew cab has them coming from the pillar. I understand that the crew cab will get the other design sometime mid-model year. I haven't seen any crew cabs with the new style yet.
  • aehaehaehaeh Posts: 2
    Well I just got my 2001 F-350 4X4 V10 Lariat
    3.73 LS SC/SB manual 5 speed
    Very nice/I Haven noticed any
    exhaust flutter yet only 100 miles so far
    Whats the red line on this nothing on the tach ? Also does anybody know if I can put 285/75/R-16 Tires on without messing up anything
    ride / handling / Computer /etc...
  • cozo6cozo6 Posts: 1
    I just ordered my F350 CC 4x4 LB, diesel, auto. I did not order the SOTF..By doing so you won't have that "are they locked in or frozen" problem since the mechanical means of engaging the gears have been around for a number of years and have worked well. Some things just can't be improved upon.
  • Your F-350 SD should come with the integrated seat belts.
  • I am purchasing an F350 Crew Cab in the next few days and I know very little about the differences between gas and diesel engines. This vehicle will be used to haul grain and feed (maximum capacity most of the time) and for pleasure once in awhile. I've looked around town and found one service station out of ten that sells diesel. I am hoping that this fourm could educate me on the differences between gas and diesel and why I would select one over the other.

  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Diesels are best when you are putting on serious miles each year as they are better on fuel economy. They cost more to maintain however. They are best suited for the man that does a lot of towing. For day in day out driving and for hauling materials in the bed, the gassers are best. In your case the the V10. Because the gasser is lighter it is actually rated to tow and haul more. If your maximum capacity is mosty towing, get the diesel. If its hauling in the bed get the V10. The V8 gasser will not have enough guts for max loads.
  • lanceb16lanceb16 Posts: 1
    I just got my new F-350 Lariat 4x4 with the very imperisive V-10. I only have put 250 miles on her so I still havent seen what her red line limit is so I persnonly dont know. So good luck to all!!!
  • Most new Fords, and many other non "screamers" do not have a red line due to the fact that there is is "rev limiter" in the the distributor that does not allow the engine RPMs to exceed a pre-set limit that the factory determined would result in eventual engine damage or increased wear. If you do not care about the warrentee, and you own the truck outright, you may by-pass the rev limiter; [with a control box] but remember, peak horsepower and torque have already been exceeded, so you may find not a lot of extra "grunt" there. What I would like to see is a line on the tach indicating pear torque and horsepower in addition to the lowest RPM for cruising so as to avoid lugging the engine. This would cost Ford nothing and would allow drivers to adjust thier driving to maintain the appropriate RPM range.


    2001 F-350 SuperDuty Lariat /short bed / single rear wheel / Crewcab / V-10 / Auto Trans / Limited slip 3.73 rear / Heated Seats / Plow Package / 9900 GVWR / CD Changer (not bad) / Power take-off provision of trans / Roof Clearance Lights / Off Road Package / Cab Steps Long Tubular Chrome / Preferred Pack 618A / Shift on the fly (or, if stuck, you can manully lock hubs / Reverse Sensor (I did not think I would like it, now It is a must - sligh soft beeping only if you are in reverse approching something, beeps get faster as you get closer and become on solid sound if you are within 10 inches (yes, you can turn it off)/ Class V trailer system (they upgraded from last year) / Power Telescoping Power Mirrors / Engine Block Heater (gets cold in Bost area) / Fog lights (standard w/Lariat).

    Cost: Out the Door includes delivery, and inspection and everything, with plates from my trade-in, all the other nickel and dime stuff (no under coating or that crap)with a full tank or 93 Sunoco for $34,420.00. Wrote the check, because they did not offer the very low finance charge (0.9% deal like they do on some models, also, not rebates). So far so good. First tank 8.4956 MPG but I do not know if they filled it to the brim, I will update the mileage after a few tankfulls.


    Also, in stable:

    1967 SS/RS 396 Big Block Camero 4-Speed Muncie, 12 Bolt Rear all original, marina blue, bright blue deluxe interior. They only made a couple thousand in big blocks in '67 'cause Mustang dropped the 390 in it's '67. Most 1967 396 4-speeds are wrapped around telephone poles or otherwise in that great big junkyard in the sky.

  • I've got about 1500 miles on my F350 Lariat V10 4x4. I'm still impressed every day. Mileage is up to 9.5 MPG. No prob with the BFG AT's 285/75 fitting. Have not pulled anything serious yet but looking forward to testing that out. The 4.30 rear end is the way to go.
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