2014/15 redesign for Chevy Tahoe and GMC Suburban

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I have been waiting for these vehicles to show up. Anyone heard of when these will be available?


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    2015 model line so summer 2014?, i was at the dealer last night and i asked the same question.
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    I was at a Chevy dealership this past weekend and was told the 2014's were supposed to be available this October but due to parts issues it has now been pushed back to February. My wife and I are in the market for a Surburban now that we have twins on the way and we'd hate to buy the last year of a very stale body style.

    If anyone has heard anything let me know.

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    I bought the 2015 LTZ Tahoe on 3/10/2014...... I SO REGRET IT....... I was so excited and didn’t buy a car last year waiting for the new model... What a disappointment.... On our first trip the air conditioner condensate leaked at the passenger visor clip. I took it to Davis Chevrolet (where I bought it) across the Reliant Stadium on the 610 Loop, and they could not find why it leaked. So I picked it up. Then two weeks later on the first hot day 4/28/2014 in Houston on my way home I turn on the air conditioner and the A/C was not working. Luckily the shop closes at 7:00PM, so I drove it in. The service rep saw the A/C was not working the front the back no A/C on the seats. They took it in and they call me the next day that the A/C began to work on its own. And it was ready for pick up :(..... It’s still in the shop b/c I did not agree to pick it up, they still can’t find out what’s wrong with it a month later......It’s a nice vehicle but in Houston you need A/C. If you feel A/C is not necessary then it’s a good purchase.... Too bad I live in Houston, and it gets above 100 in the summer....Oh and today 5/17 I found out there is a new recall on the 2015 Tahoe........What to do???
    What a way to enjoy a new purchase…..

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    Local paper did a write-up on the 2015 GMC Yukon yesterday.

    Price as tested: $71,780!!!

  • tahoeltz2015tahoeltz2015 Member Posts: 8

    I picked up my new 2015 Tahoe 2015 LTZ 2 days ago after waiting since March for it... It was supposed to be a much trimmer vehicle instead it came a much fatter pig it drives very sluggish

    They rose the height of the front hood about 3 inches compared to previous body so now the driver can not see about 10 feet in front of vehicle!
    The front seat bottom is about 2" too narrow and has almost no padding and after 15 minutes seating down you feel the 2 plastic brackets
    Also the lid of the front center console is too wide and bothers the driver'side, does anyone know if there is a narrower lid cover?

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    I find vbanda complaint very intersesting, I am in Massachusetts and my new 2105 Tahoe was leaking from the visor clip but I was not using the A/C. It was raining out. They can't seem to find the leak so they are replacing my vehicle. I heard from the dealer there were 2 more Tahoes in the USA doing the same thing. I wonder if vbanda's is one of them.

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    These new big GM SUV's seem very squared in their looks. Kind of reminds me from some angles of the current squared off Nissan Quest minivan. Regardless, I think they will sell well and continue providing GM some very healthy profit margins. I think the Ford Expedition is looking very tired these days.

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