Engine failure, 148,000 miles

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Well we have 148,000+ miles with no problem.
Then for no, so far, unexplained reason the engine overheated at 65 mph, wife driving.
She shutdown the AC and continued to drive for about another 5 miles to the dealership in Hanford, Ca. Since it was so close she figured she'd take it there, as she pulled in the drive the engine shut down.
Dealer says spun bearing, I can believe it.
Dealer says $7,000 for new engine.
I called my local auto guy and he found an engine with 35,000 miles on it for $1900 and change (Japan Engines). This Azera was tagged as being built on 17 April 2006 so this engine fit into that group. Apparently there was an engine change out somewhere in the early production runs of Azera. We bought this car new off the showroom floor and have been thrilled with its performance and lack of issues.

AAA hauled the Azera to local guy, R&J Automotive, Lemoore, Ca. and he is changing out engines for me. Estimated cost is about $4500 and change.
Have not uncovered why the engine overheated only that it does have a blown head gasket. I'm of the opinion this could have happened during the overheating and driving process and possibly not the cause of the failure.

We are changing out the radiator as a precaution.
Installed new spark plugs, which I never did get to in the original engine.
New hoses to the heater core, originals are intact no weakness or signs of failure. Just due to difficult access we are installing new while engine out of auto.
Oil change to Mobil 1 with Wix filter.

All required servicing was done by Gropetti Hyundai in Visalia, Ca., they have the cars complete history. Except for me changing the oil at 7-8,000 mile intervals (Mobil 1 syn & Wix filter) no one else has touched this car.
It has been a great car with no problems until now. Not driven hard, mostly road miles, 35 miles to work and some cross country trips.

This is a mystery.
Car is still in shop for engine R&R, should be ready next week.

It is still brand new looking and exceeds Kelly BB of excellent for $9,000+
which is why we went with a new engine.

I'll keep you posted on developments.

Allmet reminded me so I'm adding this;
There were initially no check engine lights just the overheat condition on the gauge.
We have never changed out any of the 02 sensors that I know of or can remember. Grophetti would have the record.
We had an appointment with Grophetti to service the car and change spark plugs 2 days after this event took place. Naturally we cancelled it.
Transmission fluid was purged/changed out by Grophetti at about 100,000 miles.



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    Well, you have my attention. I too have a 2006, mine with 118,000 miles. Do you (or anyone else) know when (specifically) the production of the engines was changed? I assume you too have the 3.8 engine?!
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    52K miles, heard strange noise, very subtle only when the car is cold. Brought car to the dealer under warranty they changed the engine after 2 weeks consultations with Hyundai. 85 K miles gasket was for changes so oil leaked they changed fuel pump, authotrottle sensor, alternator. Selling the car...
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    Yes it was the 3.8 and we do not know what caused the initial overheating.
    My thoughts are she destroyed the engine by continuing to drive it until it quit running.
    Had she pulled over and called AAA it would not have been so serious.
    Final cost was $5000 for engine replace for used motor with 35,000 miles.

    Currently runs well and we decidd to keep it as it is still in new condition.

    I suspect thermostat stuck, no other leaks or indications of problem.

    A head scratcher for sure.

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