Steering Column Noise

thesherriffthesherriff Member Posts: 11
edited June 2013 in Nissan
Has anyone experienced a noise in the steering column that sounds like a dJ scratching a record? I've had my car in twice for this problem. The first time Nissan replaced the spiral cable in the steering column and that didn't fix it, still hearing the sound. Second time no one could duplicate the noise. I drove 1 block from the service shop and the noise started up. Went back and demonstrated they don't know the cause. I'm told the service shop will go through a punch list of item to fix or replace until the problem is solved. Is there any other way to figure this out??? The car operates fine, no problems other than this noise. I also have a noise that sounds like a loose bolt rolling around only between 0-20mph or on take off and not consistently making this noise. I've removed all loose items inside cabin, glove box and trunk to isolate the sounds.
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