2010 GLK350 Transmission Problems

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Anyone having any issues with the drive train in a GLK350? I'm the original owner and started having issues with the vehicle at 49K when MB had to fix a leak on the transfer case. (This in addition to trying to fix a valve cover leak three times) since that time I started noticing a whining sound which is getting louder. Several mechanics indicated it may be a bearing in the transfer case. Now, at 84K, they are telling me I need a new transmission, transfer case and torque converter at $6000+. Of course, its not covered by the original 50K warranty. does this sound reasonable? ps I'm the original lessee and purchased it off of lease at 65K.


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    Mine just went out at 72000 miles. $5000 for repair. Not acceptable!
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    Have had this car for 3 1/2 years, low mileage 37K. However this summer, I started hearing a whirring or whining or a winding up kind of noise. I blamed it on new tires, by the way road noise in this car is awful.
    However, since we drive our cars so often and really get to know them, this "noise" kept grinding on me. I took it to service in August and of course they could not find any issues.
    This past week, I noticed a "hot" smell, so when the car was pulled out of the garage an obvious leak of something was on the floor. Not the obvious fluids since all levels looked normal.
    When the car went back into the service department, it has been determined to be the transmission. A complete replacement of it is needed.
    I am fortunate enough to have this covered under the warranty. This does sound like an issue for this particular car!
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