Blinkers non-functioning

shinpurifaishinpurifai Member Posts: 2
Hey and thanks in advance for the assistance. I have a 2001 Chevy Impala whose blinkers have stopped working completely. It was a gradual decay to nonfunction, where they would work at times but not others, and it got to the point it is at now where they completely do not work. However, the Hazard lights do work, so it isn't the bulbs, and I have already checked the fuses. Looking for other ideas before I bring it into a shop that I can't afford. :)


  • mitzijmitzij Member Posts: 613
    Probably turn signal/multifunction switch. The part's a bit pricy, but labor shouldn't be more than an hour or so. As with all repairs, your best bet is to fork out some money for diagnosis before throwing parts at it.
  • cobcob Member Posts: 210
    Multifunction (dimmer switch) is $69 on eBay don't pay $250 at autozone or even more at the dealer. Takes about 90 minutes to change out yourself at home. There is even a YouTube video showing exactly how to change out the part.
  • shinpurifaishinpurifai Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info, friends. I will definitely take a look at that video. Wish me luck!
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