New Overseas Delivery vehicles on US dealer lots?

volvo_dvolvo_d Member Posts: 1
I recently purchased a new S60 from a local dealer and the spec page in the window (which usually lists features, price, fuel economy, etc.), there was just a big "OSD". I asked the dealer what that meant and he told me that the car had come via the overseas delivery program and that the GM would supplement the regular inventory in this way.

I'd never heard about that before, and the cars all seemed to be unusual color combos or colors not typically available in the US. Mine was black/beechwood, another had bright red exterior while a third was electric blue. The car only had 22 miles on it, but I'm curious if that's a common practice or if the sales guy was covering for something. Would love any thoughts... Thanks.


  • jeffm5jeffm5 Member Posts: 123
    OSD is a sales program offered by Volvo wherein you order the car the way you want it, fly to the factory, get a tour of the factory, drive it to the port, fly home and pick it up weeks later at your dealership. I believe you can get features on the car that aren't available in any other way. Volvo even picks up the tab for part of your trip to Europe. Maybe what happened here is that someone placed an OSD order then backed out. You may want to find out. I don't think they are trying to cover for anything.

    BTW, I ordered a 2013 S60 T5 FWD in July of last year and had it 9 weeks later. This was not OSD. I'm lovin' the car. Is yours a 2014? T5 or T6? What are your initial impressions?
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