Got a new Sport 6MT

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Just bragging about my new Sport 6MT sedan. Bought it this weekend, and it's my first Honda. So far, LOVE it.

The other top contender was the new Mazda6. Mazda offers a manual in touring trim with some nice options. It's dead sexy. But it doesn't offer quite the same amount of right knee space (I'm 6'3" and sick of leaning my right knee against the center console all the time). My prior car, a 2008 Mazda3, has been pretty reliable (but for the weaksauce AC), and many reviews online placed the Mz6 ahead of the Accord in comparison tests. It also has better fuel economy by a few mpg highway. But the Accord accelerates quicker and sounds better doing it. And the Accord just feels a little better put together and of richer materials inside, if less exciting to look at. The sport's cloth seems very durable, while the Mazda's faux leather was a bit questionable. The texture of the metal and rubber on the stereo knobs and AC vents feels so premium, and the panel gaps are very tight. Little things that add up to a quality feeling, which I have been ignoring for the last six years in my Mazda3 (which I did compare to a Civic at the time). And again, Honda resale value and reliability vs Mazda who despite making some fun cars is struggling financially and sells in much lower numbers. So, I'm a Honda guy at last.

I was pleased to get a very good deal near invoice pricing, despite the relative rarity of the manual transmission models. Went with new because of cheap financing and frankly the used Accords with under 40K miles on them were dang near as expensive as new ones... Also, impressed with all the content for only a little more money than a base LX. The 18"s and little spoiler (which you cannot see in your own rearview mirror) really dress it up, and the leather wheel and shift knob feel great. They say the sport has a firmer suspension than other trims. I didn't drive any others, but this feels just right for a daily commute. Planted but not harsh in the least. Quiet, which surprised me because I always heard that Hondas had a lot of wind and road noise. The phone integration and customizable features are very slick, and I love the rearview camera as this is a much bigger car than I'm used to parking. Back seat is cavernous, my three kids fit just fine (now that we've grown out of those enormous booster seats), so we can take the car on some longer trips instead of taking the Suburban all the time. As long as we don't need a lot of luggage, we'll save a lot of gas, and keep some miles off the old truck.

It had to be a manual, but I decided to give Kia Optima a fair shake based on the value play. Could have had a loaded EX for about the same money. But decided the Accord's sweet engine and gearbox, ride/handling, build quality, and future resale value was worth trading for leather and sunroof. (Who wants to be driving a used Kia in 8 years?) Also test drove the Altima (CVT only, but surprisingly responsive), and it was very comfortable, but looks a little awkward to me. Didn't bother driving the Fusion or Camry because I sat in everything at the auto show and there were only four with acceptable leg room. The Accord is by far the most refined car I've ever owned, and I simply cannot see the need for a "luxury" brand car these days given how nice and fully-featured this thing is.

So, while I enjoyed the Mazda culture and was looking forward to having a new 6 and being different and better looking than everyone else, Honda really impressed me. The more time I spend staring at it, the more I appreciate the design. So I'm not just another dad in an Accord, but a cool dad with a manual and nice wheels :)


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    Thanks for the great review. This is a car Ive had my eye on for a short while after seeing it near work and reacting like "wow, thats an accord". They did a nice job restyling it. i Just hated the old accords look like my mother's car or grandmother's car. Not a slick look until the now and with the sport trim. Can you just clarfiy a few things?

    This is the 4 door sedan with sport trim?
    Does it have a back up camera??

    Can you provide numbers ? purchase price, state, payments and term?
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    Yes, four door sport. It does have a backup camera (that's standard now on all of them).

    I got online quotes through Edmunds. Don't like to play dealers off each other, but manuals were hard to find and I didn't want to drive an hour away, so I shared the best quote of $21,109 with the closest dealer who had the car I wanted, and they matched it (although their internet quote was originally $650 higher). Add $790 for delivery & handling, then had to negotiate all the dealer-installed accessories... They had $1900 worth of tape stripe, door edge guards, mud flaps, trunk mat, window tint, wheel locks, "underbody protection", etc. My advice is to know those accessory prices ahead of time - print out the thing from or they'll try to charge $400 for something with a retail price of $75 and an actual cost of $10... I offered $1,000 for all the accessories, so $22,899. In retrospect I should have been better prepared to negotiate the extras. I overlooked the fine print in the online quote which said the quoted price did not include dealer installed accessories, some of which were not possible to remove. (I may yet remove that silly pinstripe myself... the car doesn't need added decoration IMO.) Even at nearly half off of their sticker price for accessories, I feel I overpaid for those things. But I did want a few of those items anyway... and I understand they need to make their money on add-ons when everybody comes in waving around cheap internet quotes. At the end of the day, I got a new Honda for Edmunds TMV, so I'm satisfied with the deal.

    I also should have been better prepared for the F&I guy. I was so certain I'd decline all the warranties and extras, as I did on my last two cars, that I didn't bother pricing them independently. I said no three times but then the price dropped sufficiently and he threw in six free oil changes, so I caved.

    I had buyer's remorse all weekend over that warranty... but part of me was leaning towards the Optima with its 100K warranty already, and I got a good price on the car. Plus it's the first year of the new model which I tend to avoid until the "bugs" are worked out. And I run up about 16K a year, so 6 year 100K felt like a good idea. Afterwards, I went and got a couple online quotes and discovered that the price I paid was indeed fair. Plus Honda had beat my credit union's interest rate. So I'm satisfied with that deal as well, and the peace of mind is comforting.
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