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chevrolet prizm DRL

capang9555capang9555 Member Posts: 4
i have a 2002 chevrolet prizm. love it! :D it was my dads car (im 18) and now i share it with him. when he gets another car i will buy it off him... anyway. i know its a rebadged toyota corolla. and it has DRLS which i love. i noticed that the DRLs are just the low beams. but as i was doing research into the DRLs which i randomly do research on car stuff. the DRLs are supposed to be at reduced brightness/voltage. in the owners manual it states "When the DRL are on, only your headlamps will be on at a reduced brightness." however they are not. its just like they are the low beams. i tested it by turning the car on and waiting for the normal lights to kick in. i looked straight at them. and watched them turn on. no difference. i wouldnt care about it because it doesnt make a difference. however. i recently installed new bulbs which are high performance headlights. which make a huge difference, like having new bright lights and fog lights. the issue with them is. there lifespan is not as long as the low cost ones. i wish that the DRLs would be reduced brightness to extend the life of my bulbs. does anyone else have this issue/DRL bug?
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