2006 Saturn Ion Loses Power and Acceleration

We purchased a pre-owned 2006 Saturn Ion (2.2 Engine) for my college daughters in TX. They have been driving it for over one year, but recently it began having a problem with random/intermittent loss of power and acceleration while driving. Fortunately, they have not been hurt yet, but it is definitely a dangerous situation.

It first happened back in late April/early May. I took a trip down to TX and drove it for the entire weekend without incident. It had been fine until yesterday (7/7) while my daughter was returning to TX from IL. While on the highway, the car just died and lost acceleration. They were able to pull off on the shoulder and coast to a stop,but it shook them up pretty bad. They were unable to remove the key from the ignition, but were able to get it started again almost immediately and continued driving again before the problem occurred again about 45 minutes later.

Somehow they figured out that they had "bumped" the key ring attached to the ignition key immediately preceding both incidents. They got it started again and I had my daughter contact OnStar to run an on-demand diagnostic, but it showed no codes. I then told her to try bumping the key ring again when they got back to school and were getting ready to park. Sure enough, the car died out immediately

Any definitive recommendations on what part(s) need to be replaced to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. I have read through a number of posts, and have seen some similar, but not identical problems like this one. Thanks in advance.
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