Is my Hyundai Sonata a lemon?!

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I bought my 2011 Hyundai Sonata brand new. I loved the car the minute I purchased it. However, not long after, my feelings changed a bit. Since I have owned the car, I have had several issues that include: My door panel peeled 3 times, horn stopped working, the control panel on my windows were replaced, steering wheel peeled and was replaced, wind shield wiper motor went out,interior light buttons were replaced, the engine skips at times and when in cruise it knocks out of cruise(they said this was not registering on the computer so there wasn't an issue). I didn't have to come out of pocket for any of the issues, HOWEVER, my warranty is now up for cosmetic defects, so it will be out of my pocket in the event that any other situations happen. The main safety issue that concerns me are my airbags. I was in an accident last year and was hit from behind. It did about $5,000 in damage and the airbags didn't deploy. Having said that, I know there has to be a certain amount of impact before they come out. The accident was probably not severe enough, BUT after the accident my airbag lights came on. It was sent to the dealership and they said there was a "defect" and replaced my seats. They insured me that the issue was fixed. Last week I was in a front collision. The air bags again didn't deploy and the airbag lights are on yet again. My argument here is with all of the issues I've had with SIMPLE things in my car WILL the airbags deploy in the event that they need to?! I feel it is unfair for me to pay on a vehicle that has so many issues:( Such a disappointment.


  • ricovanianricovanian Member Posts: 14
    yes- i would say that was a lemon.
    the most important aspect as you say is the failure of the airbags to reply- that happened to me on my brand new at the time Mazda 6 back in 2007- the car was totaled and I will never buy another Mazda. :sick:
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    do not always deploy.
    Going lemon law - depending upon your state - will require a lot more than you have covered.
    Gotta' b chronic, un fixable.
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