Repair Malibu or go for Civic Hybrid or Prius? Advice?

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Ok, my 2006 Malibu needs at least $3000 worth of work and has 350,000km on the odometer. It hasn't been bad on gas - been getting 32mpg on my commute (I drive 75% highway, 25% city).

I am trying to decide whether to fix the Malibu or get a decent used hybrid so the better mileage gas savings can go towards the monthly payments.

So far I have found:

a nicely maintained 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid with 100,000 km on it and a brand new battery. (I am nervous about the recent battery lifespan claims since the battery is $2000+ and it had to be replaced after just 100,000 km)


an in decent shape 2007 Prius with 90,000 km on it.

They are both $10,500 CDN.

Not sure what to do. They get about the same highway mileage (as posted by EPA and average user claims). Prius gets better in-town of course, but I don't do that much city driving.

What could I expect in ongoing maintenance for the 2007 Prius or the 2009 Civic Hybrid?
(That will help me decide which will be the most economical including payments if I buy, plus gas and expected maintenance costs).

And, what kind of mileage would I realistically get with the Prius (including winter driving commuting across South Western Ontario with very little stop-and-go traffic? i.e. not Toronto)

The Malibu is costing me an average of $1700 a year to maintain (primarily replacing brake pads, rotors, etc. due to the 40,000 km I drive each year).


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    I'll leave this post up, but you might also want to post in our "To fix or trade up?" discussion here:

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  • raferafe Member Posts: 5
    Thanks! Didn't know about that thread. I have now posted there.
    Thanks again.
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    You're welcome!
    If you want to read perspectives on the Civic Hybrid and the Prius from other members, just use the search tools on the right-hand side of the forums page. You can use the make/model drop-downs to get a list of all discussions about a particular vehicle, and pick & choose what interests you.

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