2013 Avalon Hybrid Seat Lump

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I have read other threads about recent model Avalons having an issue with a hard lump in the center of the driver's seat, and I really didn't test drive this model extensively before I bought it since I was a previous Avalon owner. At first, I seemed to be the only one feeling this hard, sharp lump right in the center of the driver's seat, but then a Toyota tech who was a little more in my larger weight class sat in it and immediately felt the same lump. After reading posts on here, I called Toyota Customer Care and they opened a case for me (case 1306243017) and I took it to Freeman Toyota in Hurst, TX. The dealer sent it to the upholstery shop, who took apart the seat and found that a blower motor housing for the heated/cooled seats was mounted so it protruded upwards and there was only about an inch of padding between it and the leather seat cover. So thinner people weren't feeling it, but us heavier guys certainly will. The fix, as reported in other Avalon posts, was adding another layer of padding over the motor, which does not interfere with the heating/cooling functions, and solves the problem. The service manager said they would need to send the pictures they took and other paperwork to Toyota to associate it with the case I opened. I hope this helps anyone else having the same seat issue.


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    I felt that lump in my 2005 Avalon limited and finally traded for a 2011 limited and it has the same lump. I suspected all along it was the cooling fan and that it needed more padding, but every dealer or sales person or service advisor I have talked to said it could not be fixed - that no one would touch it because of the airbags! Do you know which upholstery shop they sent it to? I live in the Dallas area. I love my car except for the seats! I am going to see if I can copy your post and show it to my dealer!
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    I don't know the name of the upholstery shop, but the dealer is Freeman Toyota. I'm sure they'll know. Good luck!
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    I have 2013 Avalon Hybrid Limited and experienced same issue.
    Also left side of driver seat (bolster) is extremely hard and I feel wires. My left leg is keep hurting on longer trips. I'm taking the car to my dealer this coming Monday.
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    What was the outcome of your visit to the dealer?

    I'm a few days in of my 2013 Avalon Hybrid and noticed this seat issue immediately. I've called Toyota and created a case number for this issue.
  • Has anyone found a universal solution to this seat problem? I am about to buy a 2017 Avalon but this is worrying me as I could not sit on this very long.
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