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2014 Toyota Avalon

mark354mark354 Member Posts: 3
Anyone know when production will start for the 2014 Avalon? Any expected option changes or paint colors.


  • lucien4lucien4 Member Posts: 68
    edited July 2013
    I wonder about that too. I've heard Camry '14 would come Q4 so maybe we'll hear more about it in 1-2 months. But don't really know.
  • mark354mark354 Member Posts: 3
    I just found online a schedule for fleet cars. It said 2013 Cut off 6/10/13, 2014 Order bank open 7/10/2013 and 2014 production 9/30/2013.

    Regarding Options I would love to see a heated steering wheel added for those of us in cold weather areas.

    Also what is going on the paint colors? Cadillac has really done a nice job the past couple of years. In my mind Toyota doesn't come close.
  • lucien4lucien4 Member Posts: 68
    Interesting. Not sure how reliable those dates are. Automotive news reported Q4 availability for Camry '14 so that doesn't match but maybe availability is later. Then again you'd think we heard something about Camry '14 order guide if production starts in only 2 weeks.

    I'd like to see more individual options for the Touring so there isn't such a big 4K gap to touring (for example upgraded Nav and seats as standalone options).
  • lucien4lucien4 Member Posts: 68
    Talked to someone at car dealership and he said '14 would be available around November and there would be no changes. Not 100% trustworthy but seems to me very likely that's the case.
  • gohawaiiangohawaiian Honolulu, HawaiiMember Posts: 84
    If anyone at Toyota reads & acts on these comments, I'd like to vote for removing the fake, and very cheap looking wood trim on the dash. Does anyone actually think it looks good & "fits in" with the otherwise sleek, modern style of this dash? A complete mismatch, imo.
  • seliftguyseliftguy Member Posts: 5
    I read new 2014 Avalon will be 2" shorter less wide ??. 100lbs lighter and a little better mileage ( less weight, maybe different gearing on 6 speed )
    I plan to buy one either premium or touring w paddle shifters. I cant wait.
  • douglas1douglas1 Member Posts: 130
    With the 2013 model being entirely new I sincerely doubt Toyota would do another total redesign to reduce the length and width for 2014.
  • mark354mark354 Member Posts: 3
    There seems to be some confusion in the year of the vehicle when you see articles about the new Avalon. Some call it a 2013 and some 2014. When you read them they all talk about the changes from the 2012 Avalon.

    I haven't seen anyone talking about the 2014 to be produced this Fall/Winter.

    I agree I don't think anyone is expecting much if any change. I was hoping for maybe a new paint color, optional heated steering wheel and just the regular minor bug fixes or refinements.
  • seliftguyseliftguy Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the clarification. I am not an expert on car design just sharing what I read. I did not realize reducing 2in length from body design and minor width reduction from side panel angle was a total redesign. Most global auto manuf strive to improve mpg thru technology and weight reduction. EPA mandate. Anyway I like the vehicle and will buy a 2014 when available.
  • kadenakadena Member Posts: 6
    Toyota headquarters told me 2014 Avalon will be on sale in October
  • kadenakadena Member Posts: 6
    2014 Avalon will be on sale in October. The gasoline mileage will improve slightly. Width and length will be reduced just by a smidgen.
  • fly2papafly2papa Member Posts: 1
    Own 2004 Avalon, and it has been a wonderful quiet low maintenance car. We looked at seven 2013 Avalon models, and very disappointed with the interior, as the only thing available is black or blacker. Wife wants Avalon Hybrid, and I think, she is going to be disappointed big time. I am waiting for the 2014 models, but have not found out much. From what I know so far, I would like to keep driving 2004 forever. Maybe, we need to change brands.
  • douglas1douglas1 Member Posts: 130
    The 2014 Avalon will be basically the same as the 2013, no change in width, length or milage. Any change in body size would entail a complete redesign and that is not going to happen to a car this new.
  • mcclearyflmcclearyfl Member Posts: 149
    edited August 2013
    Most of us who own the 2004 model have been unimpressed with later renditions, seat comfort and trunk space suffering. The 2013 version wins on the roundabouts and loses badly on the swings. The ride issues can be addressed with the right wheel/tire combination, but nothing can help the cramped feeling that is the result of small 'gangster' windows. The Ford Taurus and Chrysler 300 are further examples of this design trend that needs to be reversed as soon as possible.

    One reason that we will not replace our 2004 with another sedan is the excellent vision we get from our VW Tiguan. Large windows and adequate storage space are huge incentives to move away from this disappointing Avalon.
  • djrc08861djrc08861 Member Posts: 52
    you definitely need to change brands
  • douglas1douglas1 Member Posts: 130
    Motor Trend new car issue out today. No changes to 2014 Avalon other than changing current blue color to another color blue and adding backup cameras to all models.
  • dabinnvdabinnv Member Posts: 1
    When Toyota announced the second-generation Entune system a few weeks ago, I had expected the new Entune would be available on the 2014 Avalon, and I had planned to immediately buy a 2014 Avalon Limited hybrid when it opened for ordering. But Avalon is not on the list of 2014 models the announcement said would ship with the new Entune system, so it looks like I will have to wait, with great disappointment, for another year. Though I wanted to replace my 2008 Avalon, the upgraded Entune will be so dramatically improved that I know I'll be unhappy if I don't wait.
  • mrmrdmrmrd Member Posts: 2
    I don't know what the design engineers at Toyota were thinking when the they released the 2013 Avalon. I read that Toyota was focusing on a younger market, but I don't think it appeals to any particular market, except someone that wants to say they have an Avalon, instead of a Camry.
    I also own a 2004 Avalon XLS, and simply do not like the way the 2013 looks. The exterior looks like one of those cheap Korean throwaways (Kia, Hyundai), and the interior looks cheesy as well.
    I was hoping that 2014 will bring a fresh new look, as I haven't seen many 2013 Avalons on the streets in the Los Angeles area, and don't believe that they did that well. My vehicle has only 36K+ miles on it, so I'm going to keep it another year or two, and then look at something else -- maybe a gently used Lexus or pre-2013 Avalon. I do plan to stick with Toyota, just not the Avalon in its present form. What a shame because Toyota makes such a good product.
  • poorthingflintpoorthingflint Member Posts: 61
    I am 73 yrs old and would not be caught dead in the pre 2013 Avalon. If I ingnored the booring styling one drive at highway speeds over a few frost heaves would produce enough rocking and rolling to have me stopping for some Dramamine. Point? Diferent strokes for different folks. Give me a more tied down more secure handling car. I do not mind feeling the car is firmly connected to the road and handles responsibly. Just don't get one with Bridgestones inflated to 49lbs. Most folks will learn to love the handling/ride trad off given a little time to adjust and the sales prove it.
  • algeealgee Member Posts: 78
    I am 74 years old and feel the exact opposite of this reader. I have owned 2002,2006,2011 Avalons and think the new ones (2013) are the worst models .
    The drive like a truck feeling is not for me. I sure love my 2011 a lot.

    I can't imagine Avalon owners liking the newer ones at all.

    Won't be buying anymore Avalons unless they get some new designers and go back to the quiet and smooth ride of the past.
  • mrmrdmrmrd Member Posts: 2
    I don't know what you are doing to be "rock and rolling." If I start rocking and rolling while driving, it'll probably be time to stop driving.
    I have owned two 2004 Avalons. The ride with the stock stires is good, and the ride with racing tires and custom rims is fantastic.
    It's nice to know that someone thinks the 2013 is a nice ride, because I sure won't be finding out. I drive cars that have style!
  • finfin atlantaMember Posts: 594
    Also have owned three Avalons, one of each generation. The new 2013 is designed for a changing market and a different buyer, my opinion. The current model is not in my future as it is just too different in too many ways. In time a hybrid car might be in my garage as Toyota seems to have a good thing going on fuel savings, never thought I would say that but the comments here are positive on the hybrid technology. But again, No Sale on the 2013 Avalon as it exists today.
  • jeffm5jeffm5 Member Posts: 123
    I had a 98 and a 05 Avalon, both of which I loved. I was in the market last year but passed on the 2013 Avalon mainly because of that grill. Couldn't get passed it. I'm wondering why you do not like the 2013?
  • finfin atlantaMember Posts: 594
    First, the little things... the grille is too large (but if the car is black it looks ok) for one. The windshield angle is too low for good visibility (a common problem today). The seats are not as good as the 2007 Limited I had and the ride is too stiff compared to the 2007. And I drove the sales manager's demo so the tire pressure was set correctly.

    Then: I actually like the body style... but when you price a Limited you can buy a Lexus for 1.8k more here in Atlanta. Spend the 1.8k, get the L up front and a better warranty. On top of that the interior is about the same size as a new Honda Accord, a car costing 8k less with similar stuff such as Nav and a V6!

    All in all, the 2013 Avalon just does not work for me. After 15 years in three different Avalons it ended when the 300C went on sale this past summer. Big car with plenty of room inside and in the trunk. Will it last like a Toyota? Maybe. But if not I would go to the 4dr Accord V6 (having also owned 6 of them since 1995) as they are a quality car with excellent reliability.
    Hope this answers your question...... :-)
  • davidinnvdavidinnv Member Posts: 15
    As I mentioned earlier, even if I like the new Avalon after a test drive, I won't buy one until it includes the next-generation Entune system. That's how important it is to me. Since it apparently won't be included in the 2014 upon release, the question will be whether it will be added at some point during the production year or whether I'll have to wait until the 2015s. I suspect the latter.
  • poorthingflintpoorthingflint Member Posts: 61
    I find it interesting you consider a Chrysler 300 a big roomy car. When Car and Driver did a recently combo review including the Avalon and the Chrysler it summed up the Chrysler like this. "Stiff structure,racer brakes (it was the "S" version) ,still looks bad da bling. Lumpy seats,coal-mine interior,CRAMPED BACK SEAT etc. Motor Trend concurred by observing "REAR SEAT ROOM IS LACKLUSTER especialy given the 300's huge overall size. The Avalon got big thumbs up from both mags for lots of room in the all areas especially the rear seat and won the Car and drive comparison test thanks to Michlins tires instead of the awful "Stones" that the Motor Trend" Avalon was cursed with. Based on their comments about how awful the ride was I would bet a steak dinner were over inflated as well.
  • finfin atlantaMember Posts: 594
    Not sure why anyone would use a 300S for comparison. That model comes with 20" tires and a different suspension that makes the ride very firm... the 300C has 18" tires (20" optional) so the ride is much softer and closer to an older Avalon. The brake comment is accurate, it feels like they could stop a train. The 300C seats are also different from the 300S, much softer. The interior is probably a little dull on finish side, yes. The back seat room is less than the 2007 Limited I traded, but close. The trunk storage is larger by a good bit. The 2013 Limited I drove felt small inside compared to the '07 and the 300C also seems a little smaller as did the Honda.

    Nothing is perfect, I still like the 2003 Avalon we had for comfort (best seats ever in a car) and size, not to mention reliability. But we travel the interstate to Florida a lot and need the trunk space more than the back seat. By next summer we may look again, possibly at the hybrid, as the 300C may not be the perfect solution. But for the money it was just too much to turn down.
  • jeffm5jeffm5 Member Posts: 123
    edited September 2013
    Thanks fin. While so much of this is subjective, your observations make sense to me. I agree that a loaded Limited puts you within reach of a Lexus and other "entry level luxury" rides, which generally gets you a better warranty and dealer service experience. I ended up in a Volvo. Very happy with the car and service perks like free loaners over the life of the car.
  • poorthingflintpoorthingflint Member Posts: 61
    I suggest you read consumers report of the earlier Avalons. They hammered the emergency handling and the poor ride control over undulating road surfaces( IE better known as"frost heaves"). Thanks for your concern about my well being but I am a long way from giving up my keys. I stand by my comments.
  • dworthdworth Member Posts: 3
    My wife & I (both 73) couldn't agree more about the 2013 Avalon's handling and ride...I've ridden in lumber wagons which rode better. We have a 2011 Avalon and won't be buying another until the Toyota designers wake up and realize that riding comfort is just as important to younger buyers as it is to us old folks.

    I'm having to look for a 2012 in order to upgrade from my '11...sad times.

  • marv15marv15 Member Posts: 32
    I felt exactly like you. It rides and feels every bump. If that's what they mean by a sports ride or European ride, you can have it. The space inside is less, pocket doors on doors no longer open, opening for coffee cups no longer have a cover, rear seats no longer recline, widow area less, more cramped up front, what ever they improved, they took a lot away. If this is what younger folks like, they can have it. Like you after testing the car, I drove it right back and asked them to find a 2012 to replace my 2011 for I knew this was the end of the Avalon the way I enjoyed it, nice space inside, comfortable ride etc., easy to get into the car. Whatever they supposedly improved such as sport ride etc., they lost me as a customer. I got my 2012 Av and I love it, and since its the last of its breed it will fetch a great price when it's time to sell it. Toyota will not go back to redesigning the car back to where it was. Its a done deal and they can have it. In a few years I will see what's available, in the meantime I'm enjoying my 2102 with 8,300 miles on it. Good luck to you dworth. They said the hell with us older folks. I also don't like the front grill, but would have purchased the 2013 if the ride and space was similar.
  • poorthingflintpoorthingflint Member Posts: 61
    I am 73 and They said "welcome to secure stable handling and a well controlled ride." And I drove the car with Michlins with 33lbs of air in them not the usual 40lbs that they are shipped with and I said "great your finally built a car I can buy". Different strokes for different folks and the lagging sales of the 2012 Avalons vs the surging sales of the 2013's says the did the correct thing. Guess you will have to buy a Buick!
  • douglas1douglas1 Member Posts: 130
    Not to be a downer but if you look at annual sales since the 2000 model, sales have always surged in the first year of a new model. The proof of the new 2013 design will be how sales hold up through the 2014-2016 model years.
  • finfin atlantaMember Posts: 594
    Exactly. It may be that Toyota has found a winner even though many here are leaving the brand for other makes. If sales continue at the pace set by the 2013 or improve then I guess the marketers had it right... lose a few but gain many. The car is not that expensive to build along with the Camry so they don't need sales of 300k units to be happy in Kentucky. My guess is that sales will slowly decline as before but this version will last at least 4 years as it looks now and make some money for them all the way. Stay tuned...
  • seattlejonseattlejon Member Posts: 3
    First let's put the handling dispute to rest. This is hugely subjective, and it's only resolved by driving it and deciding for yourself. But do make sure the tires aren't overinflated; when I picked up my car they were about 40. I never drove the Avalon before this year's model, but I can't imagine I would have liked it. This is not to denigrate those who like a cushy ride; it's just that that doesn't include me. My last two cars were Infiniti Q45's: a 1994 bought new, and a 2002 bought in 2007. Switiching to an Avalon will seem odd to many, but although I still feel that Infiniti makes the Japanese "driver's car", they simply aren't reliable enough (particularly systems such as traction control and cruise control) and I was tired of poor fuel economy (~17mpg) and needing premium gas. Yes, the Avi is softer, and I wouldn't drive it like a sports car, but I find it comfortable with acceleration and handling that are fine for me. And, after three fillups I'm getting 37mpg, on the hybrid, of course. Speaking of hybrid, the price premium is so small for this car I wouldn't even have considered buying the gas model.

    Price: I shopped at three dealers. The two that I seriously considered I contacted through email to their "Internet sales person." Both of these salespeople were in their early twenties and pretty "green". My theory is that the dealerships are paying these people less that other sales people and therefore the car can be purchased for less. My reduction was about $3,000 off of MSRP, and I got just what I wanted ($5,000) for my Q45 (with no traction control and no pretensioner on seat belt).

    Comfort: I'm nearly 6' 4" tall and the steering wheel doesn't telescope as much as I like, but what bothered me most was lack of room for my left leg, UNTIL I removed the block of styrofoam under the carpet allowing me to immediately get comfortable!

    Touring vs. Ltd: Some of the features in the Limited are insignificant to me (such as ventilated seats). The sound system however is atrocious in the Touring and excellent in the Ltd. (although bass-heavy on the radio, but interestingly not with an MP3 player connected). However, what swayed me was the seat, which just didn't fit me in the Touring.

    So, I'm very pleased with this car and hope to own it for ten to fifteen years!

    Hope this helps.
  • nceencee Member Posts: 419
    Man, I haven't checked out this forum in a while. While I loved many things about my 2013 Avalon, I didn't love enough things that I ended up trading for a 2012 É and for the most part I'm very glad I did.

    Now, the new style was fine with me. I wish they had done it at the size of the earlier models.

    The ride issues, could have been resolved by simply making a "S" (sports) model for those so incline to wanting one.

    The interior size, the trunk opening, the folding rear seats and other issues (for me), would NOT have been issues, had they just keep it the size of the earlier models.

    The sales numbers are great for the 2013, and they WILL go down for the 2014, as many folks who wanted one, have since purchased it.

    Had they made:

    - LE
    - S, RS (sports model with what a sports model needed)
    - Limited (Boat model, soft ride, quiet ride, comfortable ride)
    - Hybrid

    They could have please even MORE folks, and I for one, would still own mine. I own my own business, so I understand doing what it takes to pay the bills, I for one, just think, they could have served more folks by doing this. But hey, what do I know.

    As for the Lexus line, even there, when I get an LS 460, it will be an older one, as they are rated more comfortable then the current model.

  • poorthingflintpoorthingflint Member Posts: 61
    Good points all but I suspect the bean counters would not support such diversity and choice. It would reduce the economy of scale.
  • nceencee Member Posts: 419

    Current models are:

    XLE Base
    XLE Premium
    XLE Touring

    Hybrid XLE Premium
    Hybrid XLE Touring
    Hybrid Limited
  • davidinnvdavidinnv Member Posts: 15
    edited October 2013
    Message below received today from Toyota Customer Experience representative:

    "The 2014 Avalon Limited Hybrid will have the second generation Entune. The 2014 Avalon will be arriving at our dealers any time."

    I share this because when Toyota issued an official news release in early August naming the models that would have the upgraded Entune system in their new 2014 models, Avalon was not named in that announcement. The second-generation Entune upgrade is reputed to be so much more advanced that the current version, that I was going to hold off ordering until it became available.

    I have been told that the 2014s will actually be available in November, and my dealer is not currently taking orders because they have not received the materials needed to do so.
  • dcd55dcd55 Member Posts: 2
    Some new info.

    Put a deposit down today on a 2014 XLE Touring Hybrid. Dealer said production on the 2014 Avalons was moved up to this Monday, Oct 7. My car should be on the dealer lot in 2-3 weeks. I ordered the Creme Brulee exterior color which is supposedly the same color as Champagne Mica because the color numbers are the same.

    Dealer also said the base price on this trim line is going up $500 and that the second generation of entune will be on the 2014s, but that all first generation owners will be able to get the upgrade, too.
  • mysterxmysterx Member Posts: 2
    Any updates on when these will be showing up?
  • davidinnvdavidinnv Member Posts: 15
    Good news! Information is starting to flow.

    I just found the e-brochure for the 2014 Avalon.

    It's hard for me to tell from reading the brochure if the Entune second-generation system is what is described. Maybe someone can run the specs and confirm whether this is the case.
  • nceencee Member Posts: 419
    Heck, it's hard to see if there are any changes from the brochure

  • nceencee Member Posts: 419
    Just watched a video on the 2014 Corolla, and the Nav is MUCH better then the Avalons.

    You can say a complete address É NO more 1 number at a time, NO more, City, then State and so on.

    This by itself would be worth upgrading. IF the Avalon comes with one like it.

  • rrggrrgg Member Posts: 1
    >Touring vs. Ltd: Some of the features in the Limited are insignificant
    >to me (such as ventilated seats). The sound system however is
    >atrocious in the Touring and excellent in the Ltd. (although
    >bass-heavy on the radio, but interestingly not with an
    >MP3 player connected). However, what swayed me was the
    >seat, which just didn't fit me in the Touring.

    In case this helps, on the Camry XLE there's a DSP setting in the audio system settings that was set to High by default causing the same problem you described. Very bass-heavy with muted lyrics, but not when using MP3. I switched it to Low and the sound is much much better. It took me 6 weeks to notice this.

    Maybe the Avalon has the same or similar setting.
  • davidinnvdavidinnv Member Posts: 15
    There's a saying that all things are relative. Regarding ventilated seats, someone like myself who lives in Nevada, where the summers can be brutal, is likely to find ventilated seats to be a great boon at that time of year. I know I certainly do.
  • dcd55dcd55 Member Posts: 2
    Here's the pricing per Toyota's pressroom for the '14s. Contrary to what the dealer told me, the MSRP price for the Hybrid XLE touring is going down $500, but the blind spot monitor is now optional, perhaps accounting for the price drop. See:
  • vservser Member Posts: 48
    How's the glare off that chrome?

    Also curious if there's any simple voice Nav? Do you still have to speak each part of the address one by one?
  • nceencee Member Posts: 419
    Yes, a bit of glare, and yes, in my (since traded) 2013 Limited, I had to give directions one by one, but others have said in their models (Touring), they can say it all at once?

  • poorthingflintpoorthingflint Member Posts: 61
    I now have 8800+ miles on our car and as I hoped the seats are breaking in nicely and are noticeably more comfortable. Very noticeable on our recent 2000+ mile trip with family members. Mixed bag on rear seats because they have not had much use but interestly one passenger found them very comfortable another not so much. On the way back everyone seemed fine with the seats comfort so break in was already improving rear seat comfort. Terrific road car and loves to run. Faster you go the better it feels until you reach "go to jail speeds" but was very surprised how most motorists ignored the posted speed limits. The average speeds seemed to be 8-10 MPH over in the slow lane except for heavily loaded trucks and 10-15 MPH over and more in the left lane or fast lanes. Amazing! Even at those speeds fully load with 4 passengers and a trunk full of luggage milage hovered around 30MPGs. This is one solid,quiet,effient road burner
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