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2013 Elantra sedan sport properly gear changes.

outlawntruckeroutlawntrucker Member Posts: 2
I know how to properly shift gears in my peterbilt379 but, on occassionally on days off I drive a 2013 Hyundai Elantra sport sedan which isn't mine personal car and use it for errends. Anyways, I know nothing about automatic manual transmission. Since, these cars don't have a clutch pedal, it's alittle complicated.

The question is this, what's the RPM or MPH when to properly upshifting safely without it being rough on the transmission? Also, this goes for the downshifting as well.

I know the car automatic downshifts itself but, is it safe to let the car downshift itself even when in automatic manual position?

Any advice is helpful and really would appreciate it... thanks.


  • nkesslernkessler Member Posts: 2

    You can upshift literally whenever you like. I usually drive it in full automatic, but when I want to hold on to gears a little longer I let it rev to 4 or 4.5K before pushing the little lever to upshift. The only specific thing I've noticed is that the computer doesn't like to go into 5th before 45mph or so and won't let you go into 6th until around 50mph. The only other thing I don't like is the inability to skip gears, but asking for that is a bit much I suppose.

    When it comes to downshifting, the car absolutely will not let the engine lug, so you can either do it on your own or let the car's computer do it for you. Just know that using the engine to brake a bit is much different than doing so with a true manual. With an actual manual car, the clutch and transmission can deal with a bit more stress during engine braking, but the "manumatic" doesn't like it much. You'll have much better luck downshifting at the lowest possible point and letting the actual brake pads do 90% of the work.

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