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I am thinking of buying a 96 Lincoln Mark VIII from a friend. He says that his Mark VIII is a LSC model while I do not see anything in and out the car that show the word "LSC". So, can anyone differentiate the two models LSC and STD by just looking at the car? Please help.
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    I have seen a chrome "LSC" on the rear of a MarkVIII and I have seen the rears of MarkVIII's without the "LSC" The seller may consider he has a 'Luxury Super Coupe' for sale and thus it is an "LSC". However, it if doesn't say "LSC" on the back, it probably is the standard coupe. Either way it is a very good ride.
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    There's not much difference.

    Basically, the LSC gets a slightly stiffer

    suspension and real (vs. fake) dual exhausts.

    Also, for '96 I believe the LSC had HID/Xenon

    headlights. They should be obvious when they're

    on. If you see that "fancy car" brilliant

    blue-white light coming out of the low beams,

    it's an LSC. I'd also check for a JBL sound

    system. My Mark VIII's got one (standard in '98)

    but I think it was optional in '96. It's

    "very nice". First car I've had that would let

    me turn the volume all the way up w/o distortion. :)

    OTOH, I've never heard the base sound system so

    have a listen anyway.

    JBL won't help you tell the difference between a base & an LSC though.

    Other than that, you could crawl under the car

    and look at the exhaust system. However, I'm not

    sure if the base and LSC had different exhausts

    for 1996.

    In the case of my car (1998 Mark VIII) the most

    significant difference between the base and LSC

    is the look of the car. IMHO, the LSC doesn't

    come with enough chrome while the base is

    "just right".

    You should be able to find out more by going to or reading through the "Mark

    VIII gone but not forgotten" group in Coupes,

    Convertibles, Sports on this board.

    You can also see some more owner comments here-

    Another thing that might help you are these web


    These guys have locking replacement wheel center

    caps if yours get ripped off, though possibly

    only for the "lacy spoke" wheels.

    (I've got these wheels and yes the caps did get

    ripped off)

    Sells OEM compatible CD changers. This will allow

    you to add a CD changer to a car that doesn't have

    one without having to pay the dealer price or

    put up with having one of those stupid CD changer

    remotes glued to your dash. Also, they don't

    have the distortion problems of the FM modulated

    style of CD changer. They've also got the special

    tool you need to pop the head out (no pre-wiring,

    sorry). It's cheap, but you'll have to dig for

    it. (hard to find on the site & I forgot where

    it is) I think they call it a Ford Audio

    Extractor tool.

    The Mark's a wonderful car as long as you're not

    in the back seat. Have fun & good luck.

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    Valentine activities process very well in the back seat.
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