4th dead battery and now check VSC light is on..

kliebklieb Member Posts: 1
My MIL's 2008 or 9 Camry with smart key has now had four dead batteries; three in the last year. Dealer claims it is due to insufficient driving to recharge. She drives minimally but is is normal for a battery to go completely dead where the car won't start, lights won't go on, etc all of a sudden every few months?

It happened again yesterday. I got to the car; no lights, nothing. Put a jumper battery onto the terminals- both clean. Lights came on. I let is sit a a few minute and when I tried to start the car there was not a sound. Now the "Check VSC" light came on...

Can it be that the dealer is right and the short trips are killing the batteries? Would there be some interval where she would have trouble starting before the battery went dead? Is it possible that the battery would then be so depleted as to prevent jumping in such a circumstance?

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