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Mercedes GL 350 or 450

sjvipersjviper Member Posts: 1
Need help deciding between a 350 and a 450. one salesperson at a dealer said to definitely go with the diesel because of the mileage. another salesperson at a different dealer ( 19 yrs experience with Mercedes ) said do not get the diesel. something about the quality of the diesel and the availability of "good" diesel. he said that they make you sign a waiver if you buy a diesel.

anyone?? thoughts?

I like the idea of the better mileage of the diesel.
I also like the option of the offroad package in the 450 and I wont have to worry about finding "good" diesel. if that concern even exists.

thanks for any help


  • njexpressnjexpress Member Posts: 170
    My vote is for Gasoline - Diesel may net higher mileage but being treated as an industry grade fuel in the US, the prices will tend to fluctuate a lot, so in the end, the costs may even out.
    Other items to consider are:
    1) Diesel has gut wrenching torque that is just hard to explain unless you feel that oomph! Gas engines will not match up to it
    2) Other than the torque, due to the Weight to HP ratio, you will find the vehicle to be sluggish at top end

    I am starting to research the GL myself and I am more concerned by reliability issues in the newer models - Best of luck with your search...
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