What is the proper RPM or MPH when shifting?

outlawntruckeroutlawntrucker Member Posts: 2
I know how to properly shift gears in my peterbilt379 but, on occassionally on days off I drive a 2013 Hyundai Elantra sport sedan which isn't mine personal car and use it for errends. Anyways, I know nothing about automatic manual transmission. Since, these cars don't have a clutch pedal, it's alittle complicated.

The question is this, what's the RPM or MPH when to properly upshifting safely without it being rough on the transmission? Also, this goes for the downshifting as well.

I know the car automatic downshifts itself but, is it safe to let the car downshift itself even when in automatic manual position?

Any advice is helpful and really would appreciate it... thanks.
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