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karaggkaragg Member Posts: 5
I am planning to buy a new 2013 Camry. I have decided to go with Silver Exterior color.

What would be an ideal interior color combination for the Silver Color?



  • karaggkaragg Member Posts: 5
  • karaggkaragg Member Posts: 5
    I am currently shopping for a new car specifically - 2013 Toyota Camry.

    One of the dealer mentioned that the deal includes lifetime powertrain warranty that covers - Transmission, Engine and Drivetrain.

    While the other mentioned that I can purchase for 6 year powertrain warranty and an another dealer mentioned that he cannot afford to provide it with the deal.

    I am wondering how reliable are these powertrain warranty. Are these sales gimmicks? How seriously I should consider this in to my purchase decision

    Please advice

  • karaggkaragg Member Posts: 5
  • karaggkaragg Member Posts: 5
    I am planning to buy a new bare minimum 2013 Toyota Camry L

    However, I need keyless remote entry fob and Backup Camera.

    What is the best and economical way to get these features installed.

    Would it better to order/find a car from dealer that only has these 2 features with the base car?

    or would it be sensible to get the keyless entry and backup camera installed from the Third Party.

    What would be the minimal cost for each of them, if I buy it with the Car?

    What would be the minimal cost for each of them, if I install it using a third party?

    Please advice.
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    Don't bother. These lifetime "deals" are usaually only valid if you do everything at that dealer, including standing on your head and shoveling their snow at the same time. It is a Toyota, just do all the service items as shown in the owner's manual, use OEM parts, and don't worry about any extended warranties. Rather, keep your money and save it for if and when you do need any repairs.
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    I suggest Ash which is like a Light Gray.

    We have a Super White since we could not get a Silver without Dark and Cloth interior.

    We wanted leather interior.

    Everyone love the interior. It has a two tone. Light Gray with a Medium Gray.

    Go see if you can see it in the dealership.

    Again, we like it very much and you can select it for Silver.
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    did you get your questions answered? I am also looking to add these two options to my 2013 Camry L.
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    Ok, so I am looking at the camry for new purchase.

    1. A sales men told me that there is no longer a power steering pump, that its electronic. Ok so I know a little something about cars so I looked this up. When he says electronic, it really means that the power steering is now a motor. Something that can break still is this true?

    2. Same salesmen told me that you cant fill the transmission with fluid anymore. He said you no longer have to do it its lifetime, no dipstick. From what I read you still have to change it but have to do it from the differential on the bottom. So he is also misleading there and can also cause harm to your car. Anyone know the answer?

    3. One dealer is saying they are the only dealer that gives a lifetime warranty on the power train. No mileage of year limitation. Yet they hide this sign in the back and don't display it where the customer can see it. Sound like a scam to you?

    Just some questions?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,711
    1. Just like almost all the new cars, the steering is no longer hydraulic assist, but rather an electric motor to assist. Sure, anything can break, but so far I have not heard of any big problems with Toyota's electric power steering units. They have been in use on the Corolla since 2009. I wouldn't be concerned about this at all, and Toyotanation forums I don't recall seeing any failures. Really, it has less things to wear out than the older hydraulic steering units.

    2. Again, just like almost all new cars, the automatic tranny fluid is so called "life-time". The maintenance schedule from Toyota only lists to inspect it every 30k miles, but has no replacement listed. But I would definitely change it every 50k miles (just a cheap, quick drain and fill, IF you are going to keep the car for over 100,000 miles).

    3. I have a dealer where I am at that advertises a lifetime powertrain warranty. It is not a Toyota factory warranty. I'd read the fine print, as I'd bet that it requires you preform all your maintenance at that dealer, and probably more than what Toyota recommends, and you probably have to be able to stand on your head, do backflips, and shovel their snow at the same time. Just kidding, but I would put little if any value on it.
  • gunga64gunga64 Member Posts: 271
    I am cool with the electric power steering motor, you have to wonder the cost to replace it, and what needs to be removed to get at it. You could be in for a huge suprise there. I would change my trans fluid every 50k like you would. To be told lifetime, it rubs me the wrong way. I have 200k on my camry and I am keeping that one. Lifetime has to mean a lot longer then 100k. In fact it should last as long as I want to be truely lifetime. But if the transmission dies you would never be told it was because the fluid is ancient.

    I know now the CVT transmissions in some cars, arent even servicable anymore. If something goes bad the dealer will not try to fix them, all they want to do is replace them. I am going through that now on another car.

    Also my current car costs $450 bucks just to change spark plugs now. They made it so complex to change, that you dare not do it yourself. That is the kind of nonsense that is out there now in the market.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,711
    Wow! $450 to change plugs and needs a new CVT? What kind of car do you have?

    One of the things I like about Toyota vs. other manufacturers is the ease of maintenance. Much easier to work on! And I would not touch any CVT now, with the exception of the Toyota Hybrids, as they have been proven to be extremely reliable. Other car makes are not worth the risk, IMHO.

    You can look up the cost of the power steering motor and the book labor hours to replace. I'd try asking on toyotanation.

    Good luck, let me know how everything goes.
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