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Nissan Altima rear wheel metal sound

kalpakalpa Member Posts: 1
I have a nissan altima 2006 2.5 car, which has 125k miles on it. It has some metallic sound coming last year when going over rough roads and holes. So I replaced all four rotors and pads. Then, the sound came from front as well. Now, I hear the same or similar sound coming from the rear wheels. It doesn't come when I am going fast like above 40-50 mph. But when going around 10 mph over man holes or holes on the roads or sharp bumps, it gives a sound like two metal tools are clipping or a tool box shaking sound. There is no tool box in my trunk and everything including the extra wheel is tight.

I went to Grismer yesterday and had a mechanic with me to drive it around. He heart the noise and said it comes from back wheels. He removed the wheel and rotor and inspected. Hit the back tire from a rubber hammer and heard the noise when it was put up. When he remove the rotor and put back the tire and hit the tire, it didn't give the sound. So he suggested that may be coming from the rotor cover and rotor making noise. But I am not sure this is the case.

Has anyone had the same problem???
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