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BMW 318 ti

ra184ra184 Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in BMW
I've heard some bad things about BMW's offering in the hatchback market. Can anyone tell me if a 98 or 99 318ti is worth buying or if it is as bad as some of the things i've read? Is the 4 cylinder engine powerless enough to spend the extra money to get a 323?



  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    If you must have retina-detaching acceleration, then no, the ti isn't for you. If you want a nimble, economical BMW that is more fun to drive than anything short of an E30 M3, than the ti is an excellent choice. Most tests put the 0-60 times around 8 seconds with the 1/4 mile in the low 16s. The four cylinder loves to be revved hard but it is not known for producing bags of low end torque. I know of at least two people who own M cars in addition to a ti and both like their ti better. I used to have a 1988 M6 and while I loved the car, my 1995 Club Sport is more fun to drive on the track. On a twisting back road I can carry average speeds as high or higher than the 6er as well. In five years and 60000 miles I've had two dealer visits for warranty work(a fuel sender and an alarm module). I replaced the tires at 30,000 and the front pads at 56000. Aside from scheduled maintenance, that's been it.
  • lynchbilynchbi Posts: 2
    I'd agree with div2 that the ti is an excellent choice. I have a 98 ti sport, and while the acceleration won't snap your head back, it is very nimble and quick. The car is a delight to drive on twisty back roads, and can make a turn in the city at speed like it was on rails. I've got over 30,000 on mine and have only had scheduled maintenance. The hatch comes in handy when you are hauling a lot of junk around too. You can't do that in the 323.
  • ms_joannems_joanne Posts: 69
    I am considering purchasing a 318ti as a commuter car. I haven't found any crash tests on it...anyone have any idea about its safety? This one has front and side air bags but it's a '97 so there is no head airbag system.

    Anyone put their poochie in the back? Is it a chore to get them back there? I have a basset hound that is a chore to get into just about any car. Just wondering.

    Please share your thoughts. I read the old messages...are there any specific issues I should look for?

    Thanks in advance for any info!

  • totalnettotalnet Posts: 67
    The front and side crash tests should be the same as the 318i sedan and 318is coupe. Don't know about the rear impact, as it rear is just a little bit different from the sedan and the coupe.

    Well it's a hatchback. You just fold down the back seats and use the rear lift gate to get your dog in and out.
  • tommyp13tommyp13 Posts: 146
    I think that, for what you get, the prices are too high for it. Obviously, it's a Bimmer, so that's the reason for it, but I think that there are new cars (especially now, with the explosion of reasonably-priced sporty cars) that are better choices for that kind of money.

    Don't forget about the financing inequities, new vs. old, if you are going to do any comparisons.
  • ms_joannems_joanne Posts: 69
    BMW's hold their value incredibly well. I virtually stole this little 318ti for what it booked for. I love it!! Man, does it handle! The original owner put in a cold intake manifold and a Dinan stage 2 chip. It has an ///M suspention and sport seats. This puppy ROCKS!

    You can't compare this to any other sports car. You'd get killed in resale with almost anything else, IMHO, at least.
  • stompitstompit Posts: 2
    i agree with most of you about how the ti is a bmw. They are as fun to drive as many cars with alot higher pricetags. But honestly i dont beleive the car is worth the pricetag. Most people buying ti's buy it simply because it says bmw on the front and is somewhat affordable, in comparrison next to the rest of bmw's lineup
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