2012 Pilot Key Quality

brwndoggybrwndoggy Member Posts: 41
Has anyone else had a problem with their 2012 Honda Pilot key cracking?

My wife's key cracked and basically fell apart. I don't use the Pilot much and don't even carry the key with me and it is showing signs of cracking too.

Spoke with Honda Service and they said it's not covered under warranty and will require new key (over $150).

Seems like Honda is really skimping on quality as well as Customer support.

Looking for others with similar problems and if you were able to get resolution with Honda.



  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    By Honda Service do you mean the dealer or Honda USA?

    Sounds like something that should be a warranty item unless there's obvious misuse.
  • brwndoggybrwndoggy Member Posts: 41
    Asked service adviser at First Texas Honda dealer in Austin.

    Wondering if anyone else has had this problem too.

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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    K, while waiting to see if any other owners report a similar key issue, try asking Honda USA (or try a different dealer).

    Honda USA Customer Service

    Honda Twitter feed

    Honda Facebook
  • brwndoggybrwndoggy Member Posts: 41
    Good idea. thank you.
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