Moving from a 2004 V6 to a 2013 4 Cylinder

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Hi, Has anyone considered or made the above switch? I have a 2004 V6 LX with 185K miles and it still drives like new. I was looking at the 2013 Sport CVT and it obviously does not have the same pick up (I like everything else about it and gas mileage is good, obviously) What have others moved to from the V6? There is really no good option for budget trim levels any more I would have to go to an EX-L to get a V6 and I do not want to spend $30K I am seriously considering a 2004-2008 Acura TL because I do not like the 2008-2012 Accords.


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    I went from a 2001 V6 Maxima to a 2013 EXL CVT Accord. I do not miss the V6 at all. I really love the Accord and it has plenty of power. I especially love getting at least 10 mpg better than the Maxima and not needing premium fuel. The CVT is very quiet and drives no differently than any other automatic I've owned. Have you driven one yet?
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    Keep in mind, your engine is attached to a car that will have different features and characteristics and you need to decide what combination of features/financial considerations are best for you. For example, reviews of the 14 Mazda6 indicate that it has a very sporty ride and I'm sure that many people are really happy driving it, yet there are people who will never consider it because a six cylinder is not available. Nothing wrong with requiring a six, nothing wrong with going for the sporty ride and 38 mpg. I don't recommend soliciting advice from others because you are the one who will be driving the car. We lease our cars so while one is my primary car, we switch back and forth to keep the miles the same. There's a difference of 65hp and I could give you my opinion, but I don't believe my experience should influence you.
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