Honda Accord Transmission Response

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Hello everyone,

Guys I was looking to buy a Honda Accord 2012 limited edition, which is offered here in Dubai, UAE. It is basically the base version upgraded with some niceties like alloy wheels, fog lamps and lot of chrome work although the engine remains the same base 2.4 L.

Now the problem is when I was test driving the one I was buying (slightly used only 24,000 Kms) I felt a bit of response delay when applying full throttle, as I was pushing the gas peddle the car used to jerk and then after a pause power was supplied to the wheels which was kind off making overtaking a bit nuisance. Also the gear shifts under full throttle were jerky.

I would like to ask Honda Accord owners if whether this behavior is normal or was something messed up with this one !?? Answers will be appreciated
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