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2005 Chrysler Pacifica-Multiple Issues

My husband and I have a 2005 FWD V6 3.5 litre (I think) Pacifica. We bought it used in 2008 with around 40-50 thousand miles on it. It now has about 145 thousand miles on it. Since 2012/130 thousand miles we have had multiple issues with this car. I love the car and hate to think I need to give it up. :( I think 130 thousand miles is a good amount of miles to go with no issues (other than a EGR valve replacement), but to have as many as we do happening all at once. REALLY!?!

The AC and Heat have been off/on. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Most of the time they will blow in the back even if they will not in the front. On occasion there is noise while operating them. When it first started happening I thought the heater core was going. I waited and waited and it never went out. Anyone else experience this?

Late 2012 the transmission started being a little jumpy. It does not happen regulary, just on occasion. So, you take it to a shop and they cannot duplicate the issue. :/ It is annoying! Anyone else experience this?

During 2012 the gas pedal begun to stick when parked. Ex: The car is parked, I get in it to go wherever I may need to go. I put the car in drive or reverse and the gas pedal is stuck. I have to stomp it to get it to go. It happens frequently from parked position, but rarely from stopped position (at sign or light). I was told it could possibly be the throttle sticking, but I am not 100% convinced. Anyone else experience this?

Late 2012/early 2013 the dowels sheared off on the rocker arms. We rebuilt the rocker arms. No help needed here, just adding it to the list of issues. :/ I am assuming this issue, which is fairly common on Pacs is due to their oil usage issues. I honeslty thought we had an oil leak with the amount of oil we are burning, but appearantly it is normal (Pac wise) to burn around 1 quart per 1000 miles. Thats about what my old neon was losing when I had my blown head gasket. Sad really!

In Feb we had to replace the alternator, which is not bad considering it had around 138 thousand miles on it. We were told this may help with the transmission and AC/Heat issues. At first it seemed as it did, but now they are back to acting crazy again (on occasion). *shrug*

End of June the car started shuttering and threw 2 codes. Camshaft position sensor and crankshaft position sensor. We parked the car until we could get the new sensors, in fear that we would do some damage that would be extremely costly. When we parked it, it sounded fine it just did not have power and shuttered when you tried to accelerate. We replaced the sensors, but the codes did not clear. On top of that the motor is now knocking like crazy and has no power. We took the new sensors off and put the old ones back on, code is gone. Car is still knocking. We were told it may not be serious it may be LIMP Mode. I am no pro, but I do have some automotive experience. It sounds serious to me (motor work/motor replacement serious). Anyone know anything about limp mode or have a similiar experience to what we are having?



  • I've got a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica with 140, XXX miles now. When I purchased in 2008 it had 40K miles.

    Wow, I've had the same first three problems. The A/C only blows in the back sometimes. Sometimes only in the front. Not with the heater anymore though, I replaced the automatic temperature control dealie and the blower motor under the passenger side dash.
    My gas pedal does the exact same thing sometimes when I go to leave the store or home a few times. I thought I must have done something to cause that. Glad I'm not alone on that!
    And I'm not sure its the same problem but when I leave my house almost every morning my car will not go. Its in drive, revving up, but will not go, like I have it in neutral, but I have it in drive. After about 10 seconds of revving it up it will slam into gear and take off. It also will act strange when I stop quickly (not suddenly or slamming on the brakes, although it will do it at that time also) the car will knock then jerk to a stop. But only sometimes and of course never for the mechanic! But it sounds really bad. I've been told its my motor mounts every time. So I've had them replaced 7 times in just 5 years. And usually they are broken right in half! I'm at my wits end with this vehicle and the knocking/jerking problems. I've been told my transmission is good, so I don't know what else to do!
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