Bad Oxygen Sensor Symptoms ?

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My wife's car is a 1988 Maxima with about 85K. It runs fine when cold and full throttle warm (ECU open loop), but stumbles under acceleration and rough idle when warmed up. The injectors were replaced under recall about 2 years ago. Plugs, cap, rotor and air cleaner are new. The throttle body and PCV valve have also been recently cleaned. Check engine light is not on.
Are these poor drive ability symptoms typical of a oxygen sensor going/gone bad?


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    Unplug it and it will go to a neutral setting,if it runs good thats it.
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    Thanks, I'll give that a try. I've done some checking, and the car is probably due for a new one anyway. I found a direct replacement NGK/NTK one for around $45.
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    We've had a lot of discussion about this particular issue here at this link: Check Engine Light. You might want to glance through the previous postings there - I think you'll find some very helpful information. That's also a very good place to continue this conversation.

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