328i/320i for new family?

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I am planning to buy my first new car ever. I really liked 328i/320i but not sure about the space in the rear and in the trunk.

Our first baby is on the way . I was wondering if any parents out there would be kind enough to share some experiences with 328i/320i sedan. would this car be a nightmare in terms of space requirements? Would it be able accommodate a stroller and car seat at the back?

Is this really a practical car for young family?


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    My daughter and her husband have a '328, along with a one year old. The '328 is fine for the one kid. The baby seat/carrier fits fine in the back, and the trunk has enough room for a stroller and other assorted stuff for a weekend stay.

    Also, I seen one in my parking lot with two car seats in the back.

    Now if they come with the two dogs (a Golden Retriever and a Yellow Lab), then it's time for the minivan.
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    Hello Folks..Just came across a pre-owned 2013 328i deal. It has 21000 miles in ~1yr and it was sold to the dealer in a Manufacturer Vehicle Auction. It is Lux line+Prem Pack+Tech Pack+Cold weather pack+Lighting pack+Driver Assis Pack and the dealer has very good price tag on the vehicle. Any suggestions/experience with Manufacturer Vehicle? I really love the deal, however, I am not familiar with Manufacturer Vehicle handling..?? Are 21000miles/yr too much? Is it a good call to buy the vehicle..? Any suggestions would be appreciated..!! I'm California.
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    Get a Carfax, which BTW is not gospel, as a vehicle can be sent to a private shop and not have a record, unless the law now has that covered. Just because a car is Certified doesn't mean it has never had damage. I have asked different dealers and none of them denied it. There is an 08 528i that has had the hood and drivers side obviously repainted, so I'm guessing there was also damage. The older woman who owned it bought it from a major dealer @ 7k miles and the car was certified by BMW. She could be lying, but insisted it was not repainted while she owned it. Of course, only she knows, but I checked with 2 dealers and they could only find a clean record. I thought it strange that BMW would run a nearly new car with very low miles through an auction. There must have been a reason. Have it thoroughly checked. 21k is quite a few miles. Could have been driven by a salesman, daily rental or someone who commuted a long distance. Ask if you can speak to the previous owner.
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    How much was original window sticker and how much are they asking?
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