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Cylinder head issue/ HELP ASAP please!!! Car don't start up.

frank93usafrank93usa Member Posts: 1
Hello folks!
I'm currently having some big issues with my altima 2006. The problem is that there is anti freeze leaking into the inside of the cylinder, for what my mechanic has said is the cylinder head cracked or the gasket worn.

This morning my mechanic began the dissemble of the engine and few hours ago I have personally checked the cylinder head and the gasket. We've concluded that the cylinder head by the outside is fine and there is no look of wear by a visual inspection. The gasket depicts to be in good condition as well. Now since I've seen the cylinder head with the pistons installed, could it be possible there is a crack at the inside of the cylinder???
My mechanic says that usually the cylinder head surface from where it sits could be bent and gotta take it to a special place and have the surface be cut equal and have it run some test to determine if its cracked. So what should I do? I have few options, I can purchase a rebuilt cylinder head with gasket it and have it installed, or should I take my currently cylinder head into a repair station and have just the cylinder head checked ? but could really be that the cylinder head surface has bent causing it to run anti freeze to the cylinders?

My name is Frank and I appreciate you're help!!!!
My car is a Nissan Altima 2006, 4 cylinders.
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