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Volvo XC60 2013 Key/Keyless Memories

oldjim3oldjim3 Posts: 13
edited December 2013 in Volvo
I have purchased a new 2013 XC60 and the seat and mirror memories associated with my keyless Personal Car Communicator (PCC) system are not working properly and the dealer is apparently at a loss as to how to fix it. What is even worse, Volvo's documentation on the capability is contradictory and no one from Volvo (including National Tech Support) is able to explain how it is supposed to work.

The total problem is much too complicated to explain here in detail, but basically the driver's seat and side rear view mirrors do not respond to the PCC (key fob) in a predictable manner. One time use of a particular PCC will result in the seat and mirrors going to one location, and the next time they will go to a different location. Use of the buttons on the PCC will produce one result and use of the keyless capability with the same PCC will produce a different result.

I have determined that the settings saved in the seat memory buttons (there are 3 of them) sometimes play a part in where the seat and mirrors go when the PCC is used despite the Volvo documentation insisting that these memories are separate from each other.

Volvo Tech Support insists that they have no history of problems in this area but discussions with other customers, and even some of the Volvo sales people, make it clear that I am not the only one experiencing these issues.

Although the memory settings would normally just be considered a convenience option, I have found the issue to be a safety concern. On more than one occasion I was on the road before realizing that my rear view mirrors were pointed off in space somewhere and I could not use them to make a safe lane change or other maneuver.

A side observation is that the computer based functions in the car appear sluggish and seem many times to operate with a lag. I know that this car contains almost two dozen processor modules and maybe this topic deserves a separate thread, but it is as if the communications network is very slow or the modules are slow in waking up. I'm wondering if this is involved with the unpredictable seat and mirror memory operation.

I would like to hear from others who have had or are having similar problems.


  • I have the exact same problem with my XC60 2013. I took it in to the dealer, they spent quite a bit of time trying to convince me that there was no problem. After I demonstrated the problem a few times, they took the car in. They updated the seat memory and PCC firmware modules. the problem went away for a few days, but then it resurfaced.

    I am going to take the car in for the 1-year service, and see if they have ny different ideas on how to fix this.
  • Thank you for your response and I am interested in hearing about anything you learn.

    Based upon the lack of any other responses, either the problem is not significant enough to have others looking or is so confusing that they can not describe it. My dealer gave up.

    Since I drive the car almost 100% of the time, I resolved at least part of the problem by programming my primary settings into seat memories #1 and #3. The car seems to fall back to the settings in seat memory #3 when it resets itself.

    The car continues to demonstrate erratic operation when I unlock it but again I work around the issues by acting slowly and being very specific about the time I take in opening the driver door.

    The car is a disappointment but Volvo doesn't seem to care.
  • I finally got it resolved. I went to the volvo usa website, and from the contact us link I emailed them about the issue, and the dealer's lack of interest in fixing it. They responded the dealer info, and then asked me to go to the dealer to get the issue fixed.

    I went to the dealer, who replaced the seat memory module, and updated the firmware. Everything works great now!

    Best wishes, hope yours gets fixed as well.

  • Spoke too soon, the problem returned a few days later. I have visited the volvo dealer 4 times now to get this issue fixed, but they have no clue on how to debug this. The last time I even gave them 4 videos showing the problem, and still nothing. They seem to be more interested in making the customer go away rather than the problem,
  • volvoxc602013newvolvoxc602013new CAPosts: 3
    edited November 2014
    I have figured out the exact scenario in which this bug shows up. Below is a way to 100% reproduce this defect 100% of time. (There may be more bugs, bug this one for sure is reproducible).
    How to reproduce this bug:

    Set the car to the following initial condition:
    • Make sure that seat memory #1 and #2 have different positions programmed
    • Program Remote #1 to seat memory #1, and Remote #2 to seat memory #2

    Simulate driver #1 using the car
    • Move remote #2 far away from the car
    • Keep remote #1 with you
    • Move the seat memory to position #1
    • Drive if you like, but it does not make any difference
    • Get out and close the door. Do not lock the door, just close it. (This is like coming home and parking the car in the garage)

    Simulate driver #2 using the car
    • Move remote #1 far away from the car
    • Keep remote #2 with you
    • Move the seat memory to position #2
    • Drive if you like, but it does not make any difference
    • Get out and lock the car. (This is like going away from home and parking the car in a public lot)
    • At this point, the seat memory #2 should be remembered by the remote #2, right?
    • Open the door, and Voila! The seat moves to memory position #1!

    I have sent this to Volvo, and waiting for their response. Most likely fix is in the firmware,
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