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Maintenance during warranty

richdon1richdon1 Posts: 2
Hi guys
New to the forum. My wife purchased an 2013 Rio. It is now at 5000Km. I have always done the maintenance on every car I have had for the past 40 years. But now, this is the first truly brand spanking new car we have owned. Looking through the manual in the maintenance section, it is stated

[B]"This section gives instructions only for the maintenance items that are easy to perform. Several procedures can be done only by an authorized Kia dealer with special tools. Improper maintenance during the warranty period may affect warranty coverage."[/B]

Now, I planned to use the severe driving charts and change the oil every 6 to 8000Km. I will be using pure synthetic oil in the 5W30 range. I see Kia recomends 5W20 which I can also get but thought this was on the low side for the +30 degrees C we have been getting up here in the summer for the past couple of years (Montreal,Qc, Canada). I was also planning on doing the rest on the normal maintenance chart. Here lies the problem; my wife drives roughly 6 to 8000 Km a year. Maintenance states time or mileage, whichever comes first. Now I don't want to throw away synthetic that has 4000 Km at $45.00 a gallon for nothing.
To sum it up, can I do my own maintenance on a new car and will I be covered under warranty? If so, what do I need as far as proof? Thanks for your help.


  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    I have my own thoughts on this but IMO you should send an email to Kia Customer Service with your questions, including whether 5W-30 synthetic is acceptable, what specific procedures must be done only by an authorized Kia dealer, and for the rest, what kind of documentation is required. Then save their response... just in case you need it later.

    Also as you probably know, be sure all maintenance done outside a Kia dealer uses OEM parts while the car is under warranty, including oil filters... less chance of trouble on warranty claims that way.
  • Will follow your suggestion and contact customer service. Thank you
  • What did you find out? My boss purchased this car for employee use, did not mention he was told to only use a KIA oil filter until after I had it changed, so I had oil changed at a location we use for all our company vehicles. The service tech said he used oil filter that complies with the KIA specs and am curious as to what you were told.
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