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Torque Distribution QTII, QD II, & QT SRT 4WD's

gearhead70gearhead70 Member Posts: 1
I have test driven two 4WD 2014 Summit V-6's. One of them felt like it suffered from torque steering (a la FWD) whereas the other one didn't. Perhaps one had QDII and the other had QTII. I'm not sure.

So, my questions are:

1) What may have caused that sensation (or actuality) of front end steering? I want to avoid that in the model I purchase.

2) During maximum straight-ahead acceleration from a standing start on smooth, even, dry pavement in a '14 GC, how much torque, if any, is delivered to the front axle for each of Quadra-Trac II, Quadra-Drive II, & Quadra-Trac SRT? Does it matter which motor / gearbox combinations (V6, V8, or diesel)?

3) What are the actual differences in the management of torque among the three drives? Is QT-SRT just a beefed up version of QTII or are there additional, real differences? Is QD-II a gentrified version of QTII? I want maximum assistance from the vehicle systems when I encounter unexpected road conditions while playing in traffic at 85mph (the legal speed limit out here).

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