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2011 f-150 through 550 Edge Lincoln MKX recall

dcroof1dcroof1 Posts: 1
I have a 2011 F-350. The truck has been great except for the body control module. This part caused a fire on an F-150 on the production line in the Dearborn plant on November 16,2010. The fire was caused by a faulty control module (bcm). The recall# is 10s14. The recall is limited to a 3 week window of production. My truck was in production 2 months prior to the Dearborn fire. The recall window is from November 3, 2010 to November 20, 2010 even though a second truck caught fire on December 5, 2010 for the same reason.

If any one has had an issue with the body control module on any 2011 F-150/250/350/450/550 and any 2011 Edge and 2011 Lincoln MKX, please respond to this post as Ford may need to expand the recall to include others that have had issues with bcm.

My symptoms were as follows;

1) Clicking noise coming from the passenger side floor area, fuse box panel;

2) Windows would stop working intermittently

3) Compass would go blank intermittently

4) Rearview camera would not work intermittently

5) truck would not start intermittently

6) Touching any connector on the bcm would cause to the problem to come and go

Replacing the bcm requires the dealer to reprogram the bcm with special software, it can not be done by the owner. Dealers should know about this issue rather than use it as an excuse to spend hours trying to figure it out at a cost of $100 per hour. I found the problem in 10 minutes with a google search and put my finger right on it.

The bcm is now on back order and very hard to find. I did mange to get one and had it installed and the problem did go away.

Reply if this has happened to you,
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