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2014 Acura MDX Vibrations

leomanecioleomanecio Member Posts: 1
edited December 2013 in Acura
Just got 2014 MDX basic and experiencing some "vibrations" on driver's side left front (sounds like strut area) and left rear (shock area). I now think the vibrations are VCM-related but if this is the case, what is the connection to the rear? I took it to the dealer and the damn vibrations couldn't be replicated even while I drove the car. Has anyone out there experienced anything similar? If you like your stereo turned up, chances are you can't hear or feel these vibrations.

2014 Acura MDX Basic FWD Graphite Ext/Ebony Int


  • tiffany18tiffany18 Member Posts: 3
    Hello Everyone, Tiffany Here.
    I purchased a new 2014 MDX two weeks ago. There is a noticeable defect with the rubbber weather strip around the windows of the rear passenger doors. There is a point on the 3 o'clock position of the window seal that bends roughly 30 degrees. At that point, the seal is popping out. Looks ugly and water can get inside.

    I examined all five 2014 MDX on the dealership lot, they all had this same issue. Dealership doesn't know how to fix it, and Honda Canada is asking the design engineer in U.S.

    THe 2013 & 2012 MDX have the same 30 degree angle, but no such problem.

    I'm asking all affected owners to ask HONDA to fix this.
  • deanniedeannie Member Posts: 13
    edited November 2013
    Bought mine in 8/2014 and started experiencing these same vibrations in my vehicle (sounds like left front) since mid October. The vibes only occur when the engine is revving between 1000 and 2000 RPM while driving the vehicle. They're getting louder and more frequent over time, suggesting that whatever is vibrating is loosening up and becoming more susceptible to these vibrations. It has been my experience that such sounds/vibrations in this RPM range are heat shields vibrating at certain harmonic frequencies specific to low RPM driving. It is annoying.

    To avoid the vibes, you can put the trans in sport and downshift using the paddles when revs get down to 2000 rpm. But we shouldn't have to do this to avoid vibrations in a a premium brand vehicle. As more MDX miles are driven, more will report the issue. I'm going to bring this up when I bring mine in for the first oil change. I'll let you know.
  • deanniedeannie Member Posts: 13
    UPDATE on vibrations. They only occur at light throttle at low speeds, between 10 and 35 mph. If I accelerate hard from low speeds, the vibrations don't materialize. That leads me to believe the vibes may be triggered by the engine switching into/out of the fuel saving 3 cylinder mode, and that the higher tension in the drivetrain when accelerating a little harder than normal suppresses those vibrations. I'm able to induce the vibes at will. My guess at this point is that a heat shield will have to be tightened (if it's attached by nuts & bolts), or I'll just have to live with it (design flaw that many/most MDXers will eventually experience). I'll keep you posted,
  • papamdxpapamdx Member Posts: 1
    Had same problem - vibration, no load on engine - 1500 rpm - fortunately happened with mechanic in car - was the ABS actuator vibrating against the undercarriage of vehicle when it activated (apparently cycles). Brake line repositioned away from body. rechecked - all is good
  • vicharmanvicharman Member Posts: 1

    My 2014 MDX was new in October. After about 3000 miles I began hearing short (1 to 3 second) vibration type sounds, at speeds anywhere from 20 to 50 mph, coming from under the hood directly in front of the driver position. I also sense a momentary lapse of power of the same duration and corresponding to the sound. In winter months I live in Florida so I took the car to the Acura dealer in Ocala. The service guy, who heard the sounds while on a test drive, said he was aware of the defect as others were in about the same noise. He said it has to do with the cylinder management system when cylinders are de-activated/re-activated re: fuel conservation. I asked what the fix was and he replied there wasn't one. He said an Acura rep had been to the dealership in November and told them Honda didn't consider the problem worthy of a recall and therefore nothing would be done to rid the car of this very annoying, repetitive vibration noise. He also told me that certain 'Honda' models, with engines which have had the cylinder management system for a few years, also have the problem (this is a new engine for Acura in 2014).
    I told him ANY mechanical defect can be fixed and in my opinion Honda/Acura are simply ignoring their customers by not acknowledging and then fixing it. It may not (or may, the jury is still out) affect the performance of the cylinder management system BUT it really annoys me to have to listen to the noise constantly (and for as long as I will own the car for possibly for another 2-3 years) and therefore it should be dealt with. Notwithstanding I paid approx. $55,000 for this car and expect to be treated with kid gloves if they wish to retain me as a loyal customer, which I have been as I have owned a 2009 RDX, a 2011 MDX and now this model!!
    If they do not address this defect they will definitely lose me as a repeat customer, probably to Lexus.

  • polx2polx2 Member Posts: 1
    I just took my 2014 MDX to the dealer. The tech said he will try another 2014 MDX to duplicate the issue and consult with Acura. I took a video since I knew it was hard to duplicate: http://youtu.be/JvyQjw-5gO4
  • skrish08820skrish08820 Member Posts: 15

    There was a recall for vehicles manufactured between May 2013 and Oct 2013 for loose bolts. Did any of you contact Acura?

  • socalstacesocalstace Member Posts: 1

    Bought mine in November and it goes through spells of doing this same thing - mostly when the car is warm, weather is warm and when I'm traveling at a level speed (20-70 mph) with my foot consistent on the gas. I'm so glad someone caught it in video! Haven't been in for my first service yet, but will inquire about the recall when I do. Hopefully others will keep this page updated with their outcomes.

  • carbuyernow1carbuyernow1 Member Posts: 9
    edited March 2014

    Did any notice load engine noise for 2014 MDX as in youtube video and other forums. Are there still problems with MDX that were purchased this year from January ? I want to purchase one if it all is fixed. My first luxury car, and I don't want to waste my time at dealer to do R & D and get upset about the purchase. I can purchase RX350 and live with it.

  • dyungdyung Member Posts: 16

    @carbuyernow1 said:
    Did any notice load engine noise for 2014 MDX as in youtube video and other forums. Are there still problems with MDX that were purchased this year from January ? I want to purchase one if it all is fixed. My first luxury car, and I don't want to waste my time at dealer to do R & D and get upset about the purchase. I can purchase RX350 and live with it.

    Not every car has that issue, there are plenty that are running just fine. Mine was purchased 2/28, and has zero problem so far.

  • stegrinstegrin Member Posts: 14

    Bought my 2014 MDX about 3 months ago..experiencing the EXACT vibrations that is in the video above. Have a an appointment with the dealership in a few days. Curious as to what they will tell me

  • jimbulljimbull Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2014

    I test drove a 2014 MDX today and am considering purchasing the car. Having read some reviews by owners I am having second thoughts. Any suggestions and input would be appreciated. You can reply directly to my email at [Email removed] or reply to this post. All information sincerely appreciated. This is alot of money to waste if the car is a "dog".

  • jake0101jake0101 Member Posts: 1

    I have the same problem from the video. I bought mine 10/2013. I just finished driving the car with the mechanic. He didn't seem to think it was a serious issue. This is very concerning as the vibrations are quite scary to drive with. This is my second Acura MDX. The first one was a beauty. I wouldn't buy anything Acura again.

    Can any of you who has had this problem before please comment on how it was resolved?

  • upnorth85upnorth85 Member Posts: 12

    I would have thought that an Acura service manager would be monitoring this page and respond to such serious reported issues. I was planning to buy an Acura but have decided to hold back due to such serious problems and comments posted here. If this is a widespread problem, Honda will be slugged like GM is now being slugged. Car companies keep quiet when there is a problem, not realizing a stitch in times saves time. Head in the sand is a sure way for a future disaster.

  • johnkim575johnkim575 Member Posts: 1

    Took my MDX 2014 in and they fixed the noise within 15 minutes. The noise comes when the air intake volume changes. They just added additional foam on the intake cover area and we have no noise.

  • jrac2jrac2 Member Posts: 3

    Had similar vibration issues with two 2014 MDX's. Took it to another dealer who told me the clamps were bad or not holding on the horizontal flat plastic next to the front grill. Wind caused it to vibrate at certain speeds. They either fixed or replaced the clamps which stopped the problem.

  • mtbmdxermtbmdxer Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2014 Acura MDX SH AWD. I paid good money for this suv. I'm totally upset that I was not able to catch this noise during the test drive of the vehicle before purchase. I'm now experiencing the same vibration at ~1500 rpm at ~30-40 mph. This noise occurs more and more frequently now and I'm about to take it into Acura to be fixed. It usually occurs right after I let off on the throttle at 1500rpm.

    Does anyone know if the root cause has been determined?  Is it the molding? Air Intake Manifold? Heat Shield? Steering column? Engine? Whoever is reading this DONOT buy an 2014 2015 Acura MDX until Acura admits to this defect in their product. It's amazing how these big brand Japanese manufacturers can get away with not resolving this issue. It appears that many vehicles are affected with this same vibration defect. I have owned 3 Acuras in my lifetime if this issue is not resolved I will never buy an Acura again. 
  • mems2100mems2100 Member Posts: 2
    I have purchased a 2015 Acura MDX SH-AWD with tech pack. I also have the same vibration problem at around 1500 rpm. What is the solution? :(
  • zar55zar55 Member Posts: 1
    The 2015 Acura MDX SH-AWD with technology package is the SUV that I'm planning to buy, but with the vibration problems and Honda not resolving the issue. I will look for another SUV.
  • mindanalyzer10mindanalyzer10 Member Posts: 4
    I had exactly the same problem with my 2013 FWD RDX -> Vibration at 1200-1500 rpms during city driving as well as highway vibrations felt at the steering wheel, gear lever and gas pedal (add to that clunky rear suspension and jerky ride in stop/go city traffic). After a couple of hours driving this vehicle I felt very miserable and stupid for not having done my homework properly. Test drive? ... good luck with that; The VCM vibration only happens in some specific scenarios very unlikely to be replicated in a test drive and it also starts after 2-3 weeks or so which is a learning period (supposedly the vehicle computer learns your driving habits and activates the VCM to save you a couple of bucks for a tank).

    I would like to let you all know that I was able to fix ALL of these problems ...


    after many visits to different dealerships, a couple of calls to Acura corporate and having to put up with all this BS, I found a good solution:


    I waited for a good discount offer and jumped on top of that and used some aggressive negotiation on a leftover 2014 BMW X3 Xdrive28i (with premium pkg, lightning pkg, driver assist pkg, fineline wave trim) and traded that POS Acura RDX (paying $15 extra a month than the RDX) .

    NEVER EVER again I will buy an Acura. So far I notice that I am looking for whatever excuse to drive my bimmer and I am a happy camper once again. As for the future, I see myself driving another BMW or maybe a Lexus if they are able to fix the ugly grille of the new NX
  • cabg1963cabg1963 Member Posts: 1
    I have had the VCM vibration/noise since I got the vehicle in October 2013 (21 months) amongst many other annoying engine noises mentioned by others. All this time the Acura dealer and Acura Customer Service relations, in my opinion, have been covering up the problem. From the very beginning the dealer said Acura knew of "the problem" but had no fix; the acronym VCM was never ever mentioned until litigation started. After 18 months of frustration I went through the Florida Lemon Law arbitration process and the Honda/Acura attorney had the guts to state under oath this noise is part of the normal operation of the VCM. This noise is not normal and not acceptable and consumers should not have to put up with this mediocrity in engineering/manufacturing from Honda/Acura. Unfortunately the dealers are caught between a rock and a hard place and are stuck with upset customers and with no resolution from Honda/Acura. I certainly expected a much better resolution from Honda/Acura and they have formally stated to the dealer they will not fix this as its working as designed. This is not the Acura I knew, it definitely seems like a company going downhill and the JD Powers quality ratings seem to corroborate this. If you're in the market for a luxury SUV I'd stay away from Acura, look elsewhere and do your research.
  • gordonf238gordonf238 Member Posts: 13
    Hi Everyone,
    Leased a 2015 MDX SH-AWD w/Tech and these vibrations have become very apparent. Like others report, they appear to be coming from the driver's side engine compartment. They start at around 1500rpm and peak at around 1800rpm when the throttle is lightly applied, right before upshifts. The problem can be easily replicated when driving in third gear, light throttle, at around 25mph. I know, because that's usually the speed I drive here in NYC. Passengers often comment on this. There seems to be additional low-tone humming (similar to a subwoofer playing a continuous low-frequency tone) from the rear of the vehicle. Not sure if this is related to VCM and possibly active noise cancelation. Either way, it's a poorly developed technology if it creates unwanted noise in a luxury vehicle designed to be as quiet as possible. I will be writing a letter to Acura corporate, referencing many of the posts here.
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