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Acadia Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)

lasher30lasher30 Posts: 18
Hello, I am looking to order a 13 Acadia and would love some owner feedback on the rear seat entertainment system. Do people like it? Does the audio go through the car speakers or headphones only? How are the headphones? Are they wireless? What about the dealer-installed RSEs in the headrest? Are they better?

Thanks for your help.


  • chrisggchrisgg Posts: 4
    The 2010 RSE either goes through the speakers or, if the radio is tuned to a different source, the rear speakers are muted. The two included headphones are wireless, and there are two wired jacks in the rear of the front console.
    The wireless headphones must sound similar to ipod headphones. One of the kids sitting in the 2nd row uses wired headphones from their ipod.
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