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Let me start with a little background: I'm a recent widow and I'm looking for my very first ever truck to pull a small travel trailer (currently towing with a 2006 Sienna van).

I am having a great deal of difficulty finding towing package information for a 2013 Frontier SV V6. Even the dealer can't answer my questions! :(

So, does the 2013 Frontier come equipped to tow as standard equipment (like the transmissions cooler, etc.)? I understand that the receiver hitch is optional, but I'm more concerned about beefed up engine parts for towing.

I was looking at 2 trucks at a local dealer - one sticker said tow package $575, and the other truck's sticker said SV Value Truck Package $1900. When trying to "build" a truck online, I was unable to order BOTH.

I hope I'm explaining myself clearly...

Thanks for your input.



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    Hi Michelle and welcome to Edmunds!

    Here's what I've been able to find... the Value Truck Package includes the Class IV trailer hitch. The Bedliner option is the $575 item that also includes the trailer hitch. In both cases, there's no mention of any powertrain upgrades such as larger radiator, transmission cooler, or different axle ratios. Maximum trailer weight is listed as 6100 pounds, but that will be reduced by whatever passengers and cargo you have in the cab/bed.

    I'm with you... I would prefer to have more cooling for towing - so if you go with the Frontier and aren't fully confident about the cooling capability, I'd recommend going to a full-service U-Haul center where they can install transmission coolers.

    I drove a 2013 Frontier Crew Cab for a few days last month, and it came across as a good mid-size truck. Let us know what you decide!

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    It would help if you mention how much you plan to tow. I use a explorer without the tow package[ with package the explorer is rated at 5000 lbs but without it it is rated for 2000lbs with a Class I hitch] i installed a Class 3 hitch to tow my camper. It only 2600 lbs so the dealer and ford when i callled said i will be fine.

    The explorer has Sway control, i added an aditional swap and electric brakes to the popup. tough weight is another thing you need to check.

    if plan to tow something 5000 lbs i will look at a v8 truck , its not only engine to pull but other consideration while towing.
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    Hi All,
    I am looking for feedback. My Frontier 2007 LE 4X4 is my second vehicle. I hardly drive it, mainly in winter. I am looking for storage package that is sturdy with focus on fishing or hunting gear, hunting rifle etc for hunting trips. I have seen the Dee Zee, Lund and BAK a few others online. The reviews weren't good. I am looking for something sturdy that can hold 2-3 hunting rifles and other gear or fishing gear. Any recommendations will be appreciated.
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