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Volkswagen Golf Accessories & Modifications

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited April 2014 in Volkswagen
Share your Jetta accessories and/or modifications stories here!

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  • Is there any company out there that is selling a chip to increase the HP for the 2001 V6 Jetta? Im looking to add a little more bang for the $500 price tag that I hear the chip for the 1.8T goes for :) Thanks!
  • I know I've heard of one but I can't remember who makes it. Go to the and do a search, you should find it there.
  • go to or

    i have used both venders for many years on my previously owned 87 gti weekend racer.
  • drosheimdrosheim Posts: 1
    I own a 1996 jetta with stock 14" wheel covers. Is there anyone out there who has upgraded their jetta with custom wheels and is looking to sell there factory wheel set. 14" or 15" wheels, doesn't matter, just as long as they're not wheel covers.
    Thanks, Doug
  • sacornersacorner Posts: 2
    I was just wondering if anyone could suggest a CD player (not the one from VW) to install in the car. Thanks!
  • shelbybshelbyb Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Jetta VR6 and all of my doors have a yellow wax leaking from them. One of my windows dropped down into the door while putting it up electricaly. Now I can't use any of my windows. My moon roof came off the track and I'm unable to use it. My cup holder broke and the the arm rest compartment latch broke off. Is any one else having these kind of problems? The dealer wont fix anything because the car has over 24000 miles on it and the limited warranty is up, yet its not even 2yrs old yet. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to handle the dealership? I could use some help. Thanks!
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    The Panasonic DP610 is the OEM changer for the Jetta. Installing it is fairly simple (with a few really good tugs). All told it cost me about $230 for the CD player and connector.

    Karl Flaig, Driven By a Different Point of View
  • I had a set of Konig 16 " 5 X100 and a set of 15" stock alloys wheels with two good condition Michelin tires (came from my 1999 1/2 jetta).As long as bolts patterns are the same between yours and mine and if they're all 5 lugs,please post your reponse on this page along with your e-mail adress,I'll contact you right away.Good luck.
  • jacobjohnjacobjohn Posts: 3
    Dear all,

    I seem to be getting a ton of windnoise from my brand new 2001 Jetta VR6. Is this just my car? I would be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks.
  • fafardfafard Posts: 2
    Does anyone have any experience with chipping the 1.8T? Does it void the warranty? Does increasing the output to 190hp feel much faster?
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Yes chipping can void the warranty, if the dealer can prove your chip was responsible for some needed repairs. Many people opt for a spare ECU and just swap the chipped version for a standard when the car goes in for service.

    Yes the increase in power is quite evident. In the forums at someone recently posted that a GIAC chip drops the 0-60 times to the mid-6's. More than the horsepower increase, the chips raise the torque to insane levels (about 240). It's the 1.8T's torque that makes the car feel so strong, not the peak HP, which doesn't even come on until late in the RPM range. Almost full torque on the 1.8T kicks in around 2200 rpms.

    Check out vwvortex for more info. Do a search in the forums on chipping. Gobs of info.
  • If anyone is interested in an aftermarket in-dash CD player you may want to check out the EL Kameleon from JVC. I just picked up an LX300 from and it matches my Jetta perfectly. Red accents with a neon blue display and source button. Not dash modification were necessary and the guys at sound-creations even prewired it for me for an extra $15. Now all I need is a chip for my VR6... Any suggestions?
  • hey peeps

    i have a neuspeed chip in my 2k vr6 jetta

    i do low six's now as the result it rox!

    i was gonna get the neuspeed p-flo but someone told me that its not good n e suggestions on that?

    what bout a cat-back exhuast? what kind and where?


    it rox and makes my car look good

    look into

    thats all i ahve to say about this....thanx
  • tireguytireguy Posts: 200
    In a recent discussion with a VW tech, I was informed that snorkel-type intakes don't mesh well with the mass airflow sensor in the new VWs. He couldn't give me a reason why, only an observation that they have seen more than a few cases. I installed a standard K&N element in my intake, with a slight increase in throttle response (very slight).
    A week later I installed a 2.5" techtonics stainless cat-back system (Borla muffler) with NOTICABLE results. The chip will have to wait until my 60K platinum warranty expires. I also had a set of Eibach Pro-line springs installed. The improvement in handling was significant, since the CG was lowered 1.5". Oh yeah, the springs were VW installed, purchased out of their catalog--not the best price, but covered by the vehicle's warranty.
  • Recently - got a 2002 VW Jetta tdi 5spd and like it a lot. Great car for most driving. I've had diesels many years ago (MB 220D & 240D's) but the new TDI technology is just awesome, esp with 50+ mpg !!! My concern - is there isn't much info on car sites about diesel fuel, need for detergents, other additives, winter changes, etc unless you go to truck sites where they talk about large fleet experiences and monster sized diesel engines. Can anyone recommend websites or manuals where I can become a new generation diesel expert? My questions range all over. Here's some:
    - How do suppliers vary winter #1 vs summer #2 mixes?
    - Any anti gelling additives recommended - if drives up north to below 0 temps?
    - Do various brand Diesel fuels vary with sulfur? or additives (injector cleaners)?
    - Are any specific Synthetics oils recommended?
    - Any special Oil filters availale besides VW parts?
    - How is Dieselfuel in Europe different than US?
    - Why isn't everyone demanding more Diesel engines (like in europe where it's ~ 50% of car market now) ? What's the catch?

    Thanks for the info
  • I just recently bought a 2002 Jetta GLS 1.8T with the upgraded Monsoon stereo system. This system is prewired to install a CD changer in the trunk. My salesperson told me that I could buy the VW cd changer, but he recommended that I just go over to Best Buy and buy one of their cd changers for a cheaper price. However, I spoke with somebody at Best Buy and they told me that none of their cd changers will give me the digital quality sound that the VW cd changer would give me. Are there any cd changers in the market that I could buy that would be compatible with the Monsoon stereo system? If so, would it be worth buying elsewhere as opposed to buying from VW? Thanks.
  • I think this discussion has been archived in the VW mods/audio section..

    But most people seem to recommend the panasonic 8 disc or the alpine changer. You will need an adapter tho. (they recommend the blitzsafe, which has a lifetime warranty and will work with both changers - but some people have had to tweak their setup)

    Mine is a 2001 Jetta/non-monsoon. I bought the crutchfield cable w/mix function for my panasonic 8disc. (yes, you CAN access disc 7,8 directly. just 'double-click' button 5 or 6) and it can mix all tracks on all 8 discs.

  • i have the 6 disc changer in the trunk with the monsoon system. is it possible to have a single disc installed in the dash and still have the changer work as well? does it have to be a VW single disc unit to be compatible with the monsoon system?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I don't know about compatability, but I know you can get a dealer-installed single-disc CD player for the Monsoon system. A co-worker of mine bought a 2000 Jetta GLX and had a single-disc CD player put in it. Also, it shouldn't affect the changer because it's controlled by the head unit, not anything else. Ask your dealer though.
  • thanks for your quick response. i guess i will contact my dealer and see what they can do. the single disc player is still hooked to the head unit, isn't it? do you just put the disc in and it starts playing automatically? either way, thanks for your input.
  • i had the vw in dash cd player then bought an aftermarket changer and although the changer did not work(i think my car had a fried circuit or something) it worked with my cousins Jetta which has monsoon and single disc in dash and the changer worked along with it. you switch between the single and changer by hitting the corresponding buttons on the in dash changer
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Yes, the CD will start automatically upon being inserted into the single-disc player. With the changer, you have to use the button either on the radio face (it's pre-wired for a changer I think), or the changer's remote.
  • actually in mine, you still have to hit the cde button to play, same with my cousin 02 1.8T monsoon....
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Not in mine. If I turn on the radio while the CD is playing, of course I have to hit the CD button. But if I put in the CD and the radio was on, it goes right in and starts playing. I have an 02 1.8T with Monsoon as well. Weird.

    I did notice something else though. You can only hit the actual "power" button to turn the radio on. In the Protege I used to have, you could hit the CD button, the AM/FM button, or the power button.
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    Hella Micro DE kit for the Jetta (includes grille)

    1. Stanadyne has a VW approved additive for gelling prevention. It is listed under a VW TSB, so it should be available at the dealership.

    2. Many over at will recommend Mobil Delvac1 5w40

    3. Europe has low-sulfur diesel fuel

    4. What people remember diesels as....stinky and loud, which is a different story now and is actually pretty quiet now.

    Now I gotta save money for the Landspeed Mikro-Audio system for non-monsoon stereos.
  • sl1029sl1029 Posts: 2
    Hi all - just purchased a new 2002 Beetle GL - I opted for the standard radio/cassette - and have now decided that I"m just not happy w/ the sound. It is not very "rich" - sound quality is similar to a "non-stereo" table top radio.

    What route do I use to increase the quality? New speakers? Completely new radio?

    I don't care about having a heavy bass, nor do I want a radio that can be heard three blocks away - just want some basic quality sound.
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    Landspeed Mikro-Audio system

    Some online dealerships sells them also.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The only way to do it factory-like is to get the GLX lights (usually on EBay for $100+) and have them installed with the new switch ($40 or so).
  • peacefulpeaceful Posts: 6
    I have a 2002 Golf GLS & am really tired of the velour. Been thinking about aftermarket but think original VW leather is better & today I found someone who is selling their 2001 Jetta seats! Questions: Is installation fairly easy? Something my husband & I could do? Does 50% down beforehand & 50% after I recieve the seats sound safe? Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!
  • sarah233sarah233 Posts: 161
    i would check you can do a search ("leather seats", etc.) to find more information. a lot of the people on the vortex are very knowledgeable.
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