2002 Ford Taurus Acceleration Problems HELP!!

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Hello im trying to figure out whats wrong with my 2002 ford taurus SE with a 3.0L V6. Ok so when i start the car and it runs idle its fine, but when i put it in gear and go to accelerate it sort of hesitates and doesnt go very fast. When i push the gas pedal hard the RPM's dont rise for a few seconds then if i dont let off it tries to kick in all at once and my car seems to jump. i brought it to auto zone and the codes that came up indicated that my right speed sensor was out, alternator input malfunction, catalic efficiency below threshold, 02 sensor, and that cylinders 2,3, and 4 were misfiring. i JUST replaced my spark plugs, wires, and coil pack today and the problem didnt change at all.

Im hoping someone has had this problem before and what i need to know is if its just one sensor throwing off all the others or what? i dont really have the money to do the process of elimination thing, so if youve had this problem or hav any advice for me at all please help!


  • chanceandjennchanceandjenn Member Posts: 4
    also, when i accelerate my check engine light (CEL) blinks but when i let off some the light stop blinking but is still there.
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    The problem is with you catalytic convertor. Most "cats" have a mesh screen inside of them to catch debris and carbon particles from fuel burn off and gas vapor burn off. Over time these particles start clumping together and sticking to the mesh screen inside eventually restricts the air flow through the exhaust finally resulting in lost rpms, no power and hesitation in acceleration...eventually the car will die. I had this diagnosed about 3 years ago on a Ford Probe and did the same thing as you did (change this, change that) figuring at some point I would solve the issue spending more money and swapping out things that probably didn't need swapping out (at the time). I finally went to Midas and the mechanic took it out and came back within 10 minutes and said it is you cat...it was replace and the car purred like a kitten (pardon the expression). Most mechanics overlook this for some reason and its a common problem. When you put the new cat ask the installed to remove the mesh screen as it really doesn't do much or in the alternative every 10 tanks fill up with premium this will burn cleaner and keep your exhaust system cleaner.
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    Ok thank you, i actually had a guy come in my workplace to day and he worked at the ford dealership and i asked him and he also said the same thing as you, although he suggested m drill holes in the bottom of the cat or just knock th mesh out and rev the cr up to blow it out, he also told me that i may need to change the 02 sensors but im not sure which ones i need changing and i dont hav all this money i need to replace all 4 of them :(
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    ok so i fixed the problem i went to auto zone and told the guy what was going on and that i needed 02 sensors and he was like, is your car missing? i told him it was and told him ive already put $400 into the car and he told me "I am not going to sell you those 02 sensors til' you fix your misfire because i have a feeling thats your only problem." i explained to him that the hixon guy already checked it all and that my coil pack, spark plugs, and wires were all brand new from his store. so he told me he didnt care he was about to be on break and he would then help me fix my problem. so needless to say we changed the spark plugs again, wires again, and then chaanged the coil pack 3 more times within 30min and finally the last coil pack we tried fixed all of my problems!!! He says that most of the coil packs they have are about to be recalled because most of them have been defective. so i guess i wasted about $300 on other parts but atleast i have all new parts with lifetime warrenty now :D
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    The blinking check engine light is due to unburnt fuel passing through the catalytic converter. It happened to my 2002 Taurus and my mechanic found that I had a burnt INTAKE valve on cylinder 1 which was odd considering that 99% of the time exhaust valves will start to be burnt well before any intake valve will

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    I changed my speed sensor. It made my transmission stop jumping around and it stopped slipping. Transmission runs very smooth also better has Mileage. But when I still have no power when I start off r go up a hill any suggestions anyone put it on test and no other codes came up .
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