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2014 Jeep Cherokee

steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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Jeep's first earnest attempt to go after the much larger population of compact crossover SUV buyers.

2014 Jeep Cherokee First Drive



  • carchoppercarchopper Member Posts: 1
    Read the Car and Driver report on this vehicle. I think that anyone who is either sports minded (or likes having the ability scale boulders) should seriously look at this. Out of all, the 'Trailhawk' seems to have the most appeal, eschewing the chrome front of the other trim levels, making it look much more 'butch'. This would make an excellent 'Apocolyptic' vehicle, able to go places no one would find you. And, it would appear, would be quite a handy and frugal driver. The styles caught me off guard, but upon further study, it grew on me very quickly (from the pics). Price seems reasonable for a 'Trail Rated' vehicle, considering the fact you can easily spend $38k on an XJ model. Uniboby consruction doesn't bother me, as with new technologies, they seems to be as strong is not stronger than body on frame. MY tastes lean more towards the Trailhawk with the 3.2 V-6, a sophisticated engine, and with the ability to have bother front and rear independant suspension+ be able to completely disengage the rear when on road for better mileage. I think Jeep has taken a bold step into the future of 'rock crawlers', and will be happy(and surprised) witht he results, as will the owners. One especially nice feature- a sliding rear seat to enhance legroom. When youe family is 95% legs, this feature is greatly appreciated-and should be standard on EVERY manufacturers models. This seems to be a lot of capability, wrapped in an eye catching body, for not a whole lot of money. Can't wait to drive one.
  • choochoomanchoochooman Member Posts: 38
    has anyone heard what the mpg is for a 2014 limited with v6 and front wheel drive and 9speed transmission edmunds is saying the 4x4 is 19/27
  • c17_driverc17_driver Member Posts: 1
    Two days ago I went to the Jeep dealership in Montgomery AL to test drive and ultimately order the 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4X4. I test drove a V-6 Limited 4X2 with black leather interior. Overall impression of the car is a good one. The profile is clean and smooth with a bit of a dangerous look with the running light on the hood. Engine compartment is logically arranged with what I would call easy access areas for belts, fluids and mechanics. Interior leather was smooth and firm unlike some Ford leather that seems to be too thin. Dashboard and trim material were all soft to the touch and stitching looked to be excellent quality.
    Back Seats: With Front seats at normal driving positions for a 5’9” person allowed at least 3”-4” of knee space in the back seat which was in the full aft position. Feet were not cramped and could stretch out beneath the front seats. Left and Right seat cushions were contoured and would hold passengers in place during tight turns. Center position has a stowable arm rest.
    Aft Cargo Area: Plenty of length from tailgate to back of rear seats. 24.6 cubic feet with aft seats up which is almost 10 cubic feet less than the CX-5; however, it seemed that this space is lost in the vertical and not in depth. This means the deck of the aft cargo area seemed about 6”-8” higher than the deck of the CX-5. If you get the Tow Package or the Trailhawk, you get a FULL SIZED SPARE! If you don’t, you get a little extra cargo room… and a compressor pump (handy if you can seal up the hole) as you will find no spare tire at all.
    Driver Seat: As advertised, most display and control functions are set into the wheel and seemed to be intuitive to change radio/displays. Steering wheel was thicker than most other brands which seems to be a Chrysler wide standard, very nice feel. Instrument Panel had very good depth and contrast to it. The digital display was clear and bright and at night was dimmable to a comfortable low light level.
    Center Control Display: GIGANTIC and had quite a bit of functions associated with it. Climate control had both physical and digital control but MOST of the special functions, seat/wheel heat etc… were only digital. Screen was touch responsive and sensitive to light touches with icons large enough to require only a quick glance. However, the radio page was quite busy and annoyed me only because I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off. (To do so, press the manual radio knob, below the screen, mixed in with the manual climate control panel)
    Driving: First thing we did was back up and with the RV Cam on the center control display, which is GIGANTIC by the way, it was easy. As the wheel turned the predicted drive path curved on the display to show our predicted track on the ground. The V-6 was quite responsive and smooth. Shifting among the 9 gears was seamless and not noticeable at all. Freeway speeds of 80 were quiet, considerably more quiet than my Honda Accord and normal conversation levels were adequate. I even made a U-Turn to demonstrate turning diameter which was pleasantly the same or better than some cars at 37.7’ with the CX-5 being 26.7’ and the Honda Accord being 38.1’.
    Ordering and Price: I ended up ordering the Red, Limited 4X4, I4 engine (for better fuel numbers) with black interior, Luxury, Technology and Tow package upgrades. Expected arrival in 5 weeks. I used USAA to price hunt around in several locations I can get to easily. Las Vegas NV, Rapid City SD, Nashville TN, Louisville KY, All major AL cities. The model I selected MSRP is $35,235. Invoice is $33,828. The BEST price I found was $32,328 in Gallatin ,TN. This includes $500 for Military and $500 for Cash allowance on the Cherokee. Not to plug USAA but that’s a deal I think.
    Needs improvement: Center back passenger seat: That passenger had better be thin, as the seat belt buckles are about 7” apart. Meaning if all three seats are occupied and belted in, the center passenger will literally be sitting on the other passenger’s buckles. Fuse location: DEEP behind the change cup by driver’s left knee. No layout diagram sticker in the area so use the owner’s manual to figure out which fuse you are looking for. The Hood: while it looks VERY cool and is nicely aerodynamic, the hood is a little… thin. When opening it I can easily flex the forward edge about .5”-1”. I would caution against jumping on the hood, sliding across it, or even yanking on it when opening. It has hydraulic assistance and will require 1 finger to lift.
    I am looking forward to receiving my new car and will post periodic updates in the appropriate forums.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Great review, thanks.

    I wonder if the parts department would sell you a full size spare if you don't spring for the tow package? Although with tire pressure sensors, you might be able to catch a slow leak fast enough that you could actually pump the tire up enough to get to a shop.

    The hood is likely "thin" to save weight and gas.

    (My brother was in the service for a while - thanks Vets! - but I just can't convince him that he needs to join USAA).
  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788

    Drove a Trailhawk V6 a few weeks ago, and was very impressed. The headlights are weird looking, but other than that I love the looks. The car is light-years better and more refined than the old Cherokee. It rode more like a Eurocar than a SUV. It's on my short list, for sure.

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454

    "The design dispenses with the framed grille altogether in favor of a meeting of the hood and the composite bumper, midface, in a prognathic underbite."

    Yeah, had to look that up too.

    Fun review:

    The 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk rides and handles wonderfully, despite its unfortunate appearance (Wall St. Journal - free link when I posted this)

  • tinycadontinycadon Member Posts: 287

    Any reports on the Trailhawk mpgs??? V6 or I4, like to get an idea of the real world numbers

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited February 2014

    The early consumer reviews here are outstanding, but I see you've already found them. One owner is reporting 28.5 highway and 22.5 in mixed driving for his V6 out in the real world. Not many reports, but fuelly.com is showing ~21.3 mpg for the V6. Hard to tell, but I assume they mean in mixed driving.

    For non-real world numbers, that WSJ link says "EPA fuel economy: 19/27/22 mpg" for the V6. And it says "The front-drive, four-cylinder Cherokee rates a 31 mpg on the highway."

    The LA Times got 20.5 mpg mixed driving over 300 miles of testing in a loaded V6.

    Edmunds has the specs too.

    The automatic hand brake sounds a bit funky.

  • rmcpnhrmcpnh Member Posts: 2

    Gas mileage so far for my Cherokee Latitude V6: approx. 19 city and 28/29 highway. This is less than other cars I've owned, but well worth the trade off. I love this car! Also, I've only had the car for seven weeks and from what I read, the mpg may improve.

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