Detailing compound suggestions

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I have some light and minor scratches in my '11 OB that I would like to try to take care of. Can anyone recommend a product for removing such small scratches and recommend a good car polish for the winter?


  • bpeeblesbpeebles Member Posts: 4,085
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    You can get their inexpensive line products a Walmart. (The $150 wax must be custom-orderd.)

    As a bonus: Since Zymol products contain natural PLANT-extracted waxes, it smells GREAT (vanilla and coconut)

    Over the years, on many vehicles, I have used a lot of different products on the paint. Some are very hard to buff-out. Others dont last longer than the 1st rainstorm. Some contain SYNTHETIC polishes an silicone which tend to 'bleed' off the roof of the car onto the glass. (nearly impossible to remove even using caustic-chemicals)

    Hence, after a lot of searching, I ended up with ZYMOL products which have proven to be very good.
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