2013 Sonata bluetooth dialing not working properly

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I just came home with my new 2013 Sonata with Navigation. I’m having a problem with the Bluetooth. I have it all paired up and can receive calls and dial them manually on the screen. But when I hit the voice activation button and say “CALL DAD” It brings me to a screen and asks me for a name. I then say “DAD” and it brings me to another screen and asks me to pick which one I want to call. “Dad” is on this list but there are other names from my address book too and I have to hit the number Dad is next to.
I traded in my 2011 Sonata for this car and in my 2011 I would just say “call dad” and it would ring dad. No questions asked.
Since this is a newer car, there has to be something wrong as I can’t imagine having to go through all of that just to make a call.
What am I doing wrong? I unpaired the phone and set it all back up. Uploaded my contacts but that didn’t work.
I’m going from a 2011 Limited to a 2013 SE 2.0, fully loaded. I think I might have TOOO much going on in the cockpit!! Need to read and get used to all of it. This problem I searched and found that I’m doing everything correct (I think!)
*Edited to add that I have an iPhone 4s


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    Did you have a different phone with your prior car? (Just asking, not sure this matters with your issue.)

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    P.S. I have a 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid (w/o Navigation) and an LG Octane phone. On the phone itself, I could say "Call Dad home" (for instance) but in the car on Bluetooth I have to say "Call Dad", get question about mobile, home, etc. and then say "home".

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