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2011 Dodge Caravan Key Stuck/Won't turn on

mrs4mrs4 Posts: 1
edited September 2013 in Dodge
Hello, I would appreciate any help, thank you!

2011 Dodge Caravan FOB key stuck in ignition, vehicle locked and won’t turn on

In the past couple of weeks I had to press the FOB keyless lock/unlock button more than once sometimes to open or lock the vehicle, figured I replace the battery later.

This morning I remember I forgot the Fob keyless entry in the ignition and when I turn it to turn on the vehicle:
1. All the dash lights came on and off suddenly
2. A round red light remained lit in the middle of the dash (“vehicle security light”?)
3. As I turned the key nothing happened and engine would not turn on
4. Now the red light is gone , vehicle is totally locked: lights won’t work, lock/unlock door buttons etc…
5. When I press the FOB keyless buttons (while it is stuck inside the socket) nothing happens

Here is what I have checked:
1. After I checked all the fuses to make sure they are fine – red light disappeared
2. Checked the car charger socket , seems to be getting electricity
3. I disconnected the battery and reconnected after a few minutes, nothing happened
4. I also managed to open the FOB key and replace the battery and close it again while it is stuck inside the ignition
5. I also moved the wheel around a little using the steering
6. Moved the gear up and down into park and back

Nothing has worked so far

Dealer of course tells me to tow to the car there so they can find out what is going on. It is past its warranty of 60,000km.

Does anyone know what else to do please?

I appreciate any help

Thank you.


  • gaby10gaby10 Posts: 2
    Hi!! Did you fix your problem!?!? It happened something like this to me. I went to the dealer and after 3 days of checking told me that it was de INSTRUMENT CLUSTER. They changed it and today they called me saying that the radio doesnt work either so it will be another $2000 more!!!!! I really dont know what to do.... It seems to be something that happens with a lot of grand caravan....
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