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2010 Ford Fusion Windshield Wipers

bbearbbear Posts: 12
We have a 2010 Ford Fusion SE 4cyl automatic that we've owned since it was new. All of a sudden, the windshield wipers are acting crazy. If they are set on intermittent, they will act normally for a while and then all of a sudden they misbehave and start wiping constantly. Or the wipers will all of a sudden stop in the middle of wiping right in your line of sight. Does anyone know of a TSB about this problem? Thanks! Bruce from TN


  • ricks14ricks14 Posts: 2
    Did you get this issue fixed? If so, would you let me know what it was? I also have a 2010 Fusion and am having the same issues and don't know where to start. I don't see a wiper motor relay and don't want to waste money replacing parts that are good.
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