Electrical Problems on Amanti

kiaamantikiaamanti Member Posts: 1
Hi guys
I have a 06 Amanti that ck engine lite came on Had car scanned and it said it was oxygen sensor at bank 1 sensor 1. Changed sensor and all was good for a month.
Ck engine lite came on again,had it scanned and it came back as both sensors at bank 1 and bank 2 had no activity detected..Or poor electrical connection.
I noticed with this car the when I unlock the car with remote,the mirrors start adjusting on there own for a few seconds and stop. Also the "air bag"lite is on for no reason.
With those few problems, it leads me to think the ck engine lite is related to a poor electrical problem more so than the sensors being bad.
With that being said,has anyone had same problems or have any advice on what may be causing the "no circuit activity" at sensors??
Would appreciate any help..Car is due for inspection in October..Out of work and have to try and repair this on my own..
Thanks in advance

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