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1998 lincoln town car no power at cluster

my instrument cluster blinked out while driving. now the only thing that shows is air bag while driving. And no start when I turn key (no cranking) until I pull and plug pcm relay under hood then the car starts up. also the heat control doesn't power up or light under dash by the pedals.

I've switched the ignition switch out and check all fuses and swapped relays still no power. the speed, temp and gas did work but now it only looks like the temp works. It puzzles me why would the car doesn't start until I reset relay and why the heater controls don't power up, the cluster just went out
please help


  • When I had the digital cluster blink out on my 97 Grand Marquis is ended up being the battery terminals. Maybe you'll be so lucky.
  • Thanks, but I already check battery, post and wire connection. Plus I redid them to be sure but still no luck. Atleast I can still drive as long as I resetting pcm relay but I can't tell speed, engine temp and gas.
  • okay so i get off work and the resetting pcm relay method doesn't work so I had to turn key in on position get up under the car and jump the starter to get the car to start. And it worked, but I still want to find a solution to the problem.
  • nwraaanwraaa Posts: 170
    Check the back side of the fuse block for discolored/burnt wires. Before the panel cluster went out, did the service engine light come on? If not, you may still want to try a code reader to see if any codes are showing.
  • thanks guys, I further look at fuses and cables coming from the battery and got power back to normal. I look at the fuses under the hood and double checked with the owners manual. The manual has a bad diagram picture of the fuses under the hood. So it must of confused the previous owner and all the fuses were inverted in the wrong places(wrong amps). I switched the first fuse a 30amp with the last fuse a 50amp and I also changed out that short positive cable that bolts onto another cable before running into the fender. just the short one because it look as if there is a fuse link inside it's two small wires. I used some 4 guage wire. Put everything back together and turned the key and YEAH BABY!!! power to the dash and it started right up. Thanks guys for all of your help.

    Now I just have to figure out whats wrong with my heat it won't change from cold to hot.
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