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Hey looking for some insight. I have a '10 2.5 Limited w/58K I'm at about 3k on my 5k OIC and I have noticed a small leak on the plastic skid plate underneath the car. I checked my oil and I'm around a 1qt low (maybe less not too sure just know its not full). I think either the plug or maybe the filter not on properly or the seal was compromised the last time I had the oil changed. Or there was oil spilled on the skid plate and its just leaking off that. I really don't want to go in for a another oil change yet as I still have about 2k left. Was thinking about just puting another qt in and monitering it and see what my leak rate is. Thoughts?? Thanks for the help


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    *OIC should be OCI (Oil Change Interval)
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    As long as you check frequently. There is a light that will warn you if oil pressure drops, I believe, so it you see that pull over immediately and get a tow.

    Do you have free roadside assistance, just in case?
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    That is what I was thinking, but wanted to bounce it off some people with the same model car and migh have had this happen to them. I Def have the full AAA coverage. I had a 03 Blazer before my RU. AAA got to know me quite well toward the end of that car LOL. Thanks for the info
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    If it is that slow, no need to take it in immediately to have it addressed. If you do not have the extended warranty, definitely have it diagnosed before you hit the 60K mark, as that is when your drivetrain warranty expires (and you'll be on the hook for any needed repairs). You don't need to "fill" the oil, but make sure it stays at or above the "add" mark on the dipstick - perhaps add a half quart and check it in another 500-1000 miles to make sure it stays in the safe range until your next oil change.
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